Zizzi’s – Glasgow

Two of us visited Zizzi’s in the West End for a lazy lunch today. It wasn’t my first visit to this particular branch of the popular Italian chain, and I am a fan of the décor. The seating is situated in a light, spacious area with a direct view of the pizza oven that sits in the middle of the preparation area. The white painted brick walls may appear cold and hard, but I have to admit that I like the bright, cheerful paintings and furniture that are dotted throughout.

Glad to get out of the cold, we set about ordering. Both of us decided to eat from the lunch menu, which at £7.95, £10.95 and £13.95 for 1, 2 or 3 courses respectively, is pretty reasonable. Of course it’s fairly standard food, but sometimes that’s just what you need. Across the table, Monica, who had been craving a pizza, ordered the Margherita Rustica Pizza – a simple tomato, mozzarella and basil pizza on one of the thinnest, crispiest bases you’ll ever lay eyes on. I initially ordered Spaghetti Zucchine, a simple pasta dish served in a saffron sauce. The waiter, who was the only member of staff on the floor during this service, informed me that they had no saffron and asked me if this would be alright. I quickly wondered what I would be getting if not a saffron sauce, and changed my order to the Pepperoni Campagna Classic Pizza. Although not on Zizzi’s special thin base, the dough of this pizza was about as thin and crispy as it would get, and was topped with pepperoni, ham, mushrooms, mozzarella and thyme. The pizza was nice enough, though it could have been a little hotter, and the thyme seasoning certainly came through.

Both of us then plumped for the Chocolate Melt, described as a hot, gooey chocolate pudding. The pudding, which was served with a small scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream, had a lovely chocolate hit, although I felt it was a little stodgy, as if it could have done with a fraction longer.

Despite this slightly disappointing visit to Zizzi’s, I would return as the food is not the worst and the service is competent enough. Next time one of us is craving a pizza in the West End, however, we may make our first visit to Little Italy or La Vita Spuntini, located just a short walk away on Byres Road.

Zizzi – Website

Zizzi – Facebook


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