Viva Brazil – Glasgow

When it was suggested that we enjoy Saturday lunch at churrascaria Viva Brazil, I was hardly going to complain. Our past two visits there have been nothing short of brilliant, and the huge selection of food is always going to please me!

Located on Bothwell Street, Viva Brazil is an eating experience like nothing else I have ever tried. For £17.95 (Saturday and Sunday, 12pm-5pm), you can enjoy the “Full Rodizio” – unlimited access to the salad island, and the ability to try up to 15 different cuts of beef, lamb, chicken and pork. “Passadors” (i.e. waiters) bring huge skewers of meat to your table and carve a slice for anyone who wants it. Cards located on your table can be turned to green – I want more meat – or to red, if you are crazy enough to want a break from the continuous collection of meat coming your way.

So what did we eat? What didn’t we eat – the salad island itself provides countless dishes to try – many of them not salad. I piled my plate high with all manner of traditional Brazilian stews and risottos, polenta chips – which were crunchy and delicious – unusual salad items such as tuna mayonnaise with the addition of chickpeas, as well as some more recognisable salad items. This you can do as many times as you want – I visited the island around three times on this particular visit.

Then came the meat. All slow roasted over a charcoal barbeque, Viva Brazil boast 15 types of meat, including pork with parmesan, leg of lamb, flank steak, and the more unconventional chicken hearts. I would suppose that, on a busy enough day, if you wait long enough you will eventually be treated to every single one of the fifteen meats. As it was, on this particular occasion, I had around 10 of the meats – although I was also offered, but declined, chicken hearts and gammon steak. Fresh, buttery pieces of garlic bread were brought round, and we also saw, but did not have, the caramelised pineapple.

Well and truly stuffed, I would not have considered looking at the dessert menu until I saw the delicious looking platefuls that arrived at the next table. We identified these as the Crème de Caramelo, and we proceeded to order two of these alongside one Bolo de Laranja Com Molho Citrico – orange cake to you and me. Mum’s orange cake was beautifully light, with just a subtle citrus flavour. The caramel pudding caused a slight disagreement – but only in that we couldn’t decide what it was! The texture was something akin to a crème caramel, but it was slightly thicker than you’d expect. In addition, it appeared to be sitting on top of a super thin layer of sponge. Whatever it was, it was delicious. The only oddity was that the caramel pudding came with a small serving of whipped cream, which it didn’t need, whilst the orange cake had no accompaniment.

All in all, Viva Brazil proved yet again to be a wonderful place to stuff yourself full of great food.

Viva Brazil – Website

Viva Brazil – Facebook



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