Wagamama – Glasgow

I should start by noting that this was definitely not my first visit to a Wagamama restaurant, and it certainly  won’t be my last. If you know me at all, or have ever been to Wagamama with me, you’ll know my order as well as I do – I have only ever not had it once. Of course, I am one of the Chicken Katsu Curry girls, and I don’t care if that makes me boring and predictable, because it is just too good to to care!

As per usual, the chicken was tender and coated in that magnificent panko breadcrumb Wagamama do so well. The rice was sticky, but not in a way that fills you up completely, and the curry sauce had that slight hint of spice that it always does. Finally, the crowning glory of the dish – the dressed salad served alongside is one of the reasons I consistently order the dish! Rona ordered the Chilli Beef Ramen, which she enjoyed but claimed that it filled her up too much because of the huge amount of broth . We shared the Chilli Squid – I can’t visit without having a plate of this delicately flavoured, perfectly cooked, light and crispy squid. It was a pity I had to share it!

As always, the toilets in Wagamama were clean and well-maintained. In fact, my only complaint, and it is a very small one, was that the service was a little on the slow side. For us, it was noticeable when we paid the bill – the change never arrived back, and although we had intended to leave it as tip anyway, good service would have returned this immediately. I noticed other diners having similar issues – the couple next to us had to ask for their desserts a second time as they had not arrived. Altering this one simple issue would have made for a near perfect dining experience, but alas, this time, they fell just short.

However, I will be back, probably not too far in the future, as Wagamama consistently provides tasty, filling food at reasonable high street prices.

Wagamama – Website

Wagamama – Facebook


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