Frankie and Benny’s – Glasgow

After spending a warm Saturday morning wandering around the Springfest Market at Lomond Shores, we headed to Soar (formerly known as Xscape) at Braehead for a bite to eat before yours truly had to head off to work.

Combined, Soar and the Braehead shopping mall offer a wide range of restaurants, from TGI Friday to Handmade Burger Co. to two (yes, two) Nando’s. We plumped, however, for Frankie and Benny’s, who offer Italian American inspired food and pretty reasonable prices.

After a long look at the menu – not one of us could narrow down what we wanted – I went for the Meatball Siciliana Calzone – a folded pizza filled with mozzarella, pepperoni and chunky beef and pork meatballs. The meatballs were hefty chunks of meat, and there was certainly plenty of them. The mozzarella was perfectly gooey and the tomato sauce base was nice. I felt the dough itself could have done with a little longer just to crisp it up a bit, but overall this was a good choice. Mum also chose a calzone – the New Yorker. This one was filled with pepperoni, ham, bacon, mushrooms and mozzarella. She seemed to enjoy it, and there certainly wasn’t any left on her plate. The final main on the table was a Grilled Chicken Pitta flavoured with Louisiana Hot Sauce and served with fries, corn on the cob and coleslaw. Dad did say that the fries were not that hot, but he enjoyed the spicy chicken that came in the toasted pitta.

For dessert, I couldn’t bypass the Cinnamon Crunch Waffle – a cinnamon waffle topped with vanilla ice cream, butterscotch sauce and toffee crumb. Definitely the crowning glory of the meal – the waffle was crisp and chewy, and the toffee crumb gave the ice cream a nice crunch. Dad went for three scoops of vanilla ice cream, while mum was more adventurous in her choice of Peanut Butter Cheesecake. The cheesecake was topped with peanuts and dark chocolate sauce, and served with whipped cream and peanut butter ice cream. Whilst she was not a fan of the ice cream on its own, when eaten with the cheesecake, which was creamy with a subtle nutty flavour, mum said the flavours worked much better.

With good, competent service and a two course meal for slightly under £20 a head, it’s fair to say that while Frankie and Benny’s may not deliver 5-star cuisine, they are successfully targeting a market where people want bang for their buck.

Frankie and Benny’s – Website

Frankie and Benny’s – Facebook



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