Ruby Inn – Bearsden

We used to have a Holiday Monday tradition of Chinese takeaway in our house. Over recent years we have done this less, but this week we went back to tradition and set about ordering our takeaway, just like we used to. Unfortunately, our usual Chinese seems to have closed – or at least didn’t want to answer our phone call. We turned instead to the Ruby Inn in Bearsden.

I was craving Crispy Shredded Beef, but also wanted something with duck, so mum and I split the two dishes between us. The Crispy Shredded Beef wasn’t particularly crispy, but it was tender and delicious. The Duck with Sweet Ginger and Spring Onions was also nice and tender, although there was some fat in the dish. Dad enjoyed his Kung Po Beef with extra chillies, and we shared between us a Singapore Fried Rice and Chow Mien Noodles. The portion of crispy Prawn Toast was sizeable, but the best appetiser was most definitely the meaty Spare Ribs that were drenched in delicious sauce. 

We couldn’t finish everything on the table between us, proving that the portion sizes were nothing short of huge. All in all, a pretty good Monday night dinner.


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