The Woodhouse Coffee Shop – Kippen

Told you we’d be back to the Woodhouse! We couldn’t resist returning, especially as we didn’t indulge in their fabulous looking cakes first time round. We visited today for lunch and cake, and it’s safe to say this visit was as good as the first.

I’ll jump straight to the food – it’s so good there’s no need to talk about anything else. After careful consideration, I selected a salami, roasted red pepper and mozzarella toastie served with side salad and coleslaw. What arrived was one of the best toasties I’ve ever had – thick, white toast surrounded the gooey mozzarella and slices of spicy salami. And the roasted red peppers. Don’t ask me what they’d done to them, but they had turned boring old peppers into gorgeous, sweet morsels which were sitting in a little sauce that oozed from the toastie as I bit into it. I followed up my wonderful toastie with the lightest carrot cake ever – it was soft, moist and totally moreish.

Mum went back to a favourite dish from our last visit, the Fishy Fishy Platter. As much as she enjoyed it, it was a little disappointing that the mackerel patΓ¨ had obviously run out, and no substitute was provided. A tiny flaw in an otherwise perfect visit, however. Dad enjoyed a bowl of creamy and subtle macaroni cheese. The bubbling dish of pasta was served with two slices of thick garlic toast. Respectively, they finished off with a piece of Salted Caramel Bubble Slice and a giant Raspberry Meringue. The massive, chewy meringue was served with a little pot of cream, but the winning cake at the table had to be the Caramel Bubble Slice. We weren’t able to identify everything in it, but it definitely included chocolate, caramel and little crispy pieces of biscuit. It was a rich and delicous way to end the meal.

All in all, another fantastic visit to the Woodhouse. It may be out of the way, but I’ll definitely be returning (again!).

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