Wagamama – Glasgow

Since I took mum for afternoon tea a couple of weeks ago, today I treated dad to lunch at one of our usual haunts – Wagamama. And for once, I didn’t have the Chicken Katsu Curry! Take a few minutes to get over the shock, and then I’ll tell you about what I did have.

I love duck – it’s probably my favourite meat ever, and I can’t resist it on any menu. So today I plumped for one of the new additions to the Wagamama menu – Yakitori Duck. The shredded duck was moist, tender and meaty, with a lightly spicy dressing coating its delicious skin. The tempting meat was served on a bed of fluffy white rice with a mooli, cucumber, coriander and mint salad. I couldn’t taste the mint in particular, but that didn’t bother me as I’m not such a huge fan of mint in savoury food. The dish, which came with six light, Asian-style pancakes, was definitely a winner. I washed it all down with the tropical juice – I love the fruit juices at Wagamama as you can tell they’ve been freshly pressed and they always have a lovely fresh flavour.

Dad went for his usual – the Firecracker Chicken. He’s taken to ordering this pretty consistently as he knows it will provide him with just the amount of heat he likes. We also shared the Chilli Squid, mainly because neither of us can resist the light, spicy and crispy morsels of squid that Wagamama do so well.

All in all, a pretty good visit to a staple and a favourite. And, as per usual, we will be back.

Wagamama – Website

Wagamama – Facebook


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