Thairffic – Glasgow

Since my first visit earlier this year, I have been desperate to return to Thairiffic in order to sample some more of their delicious dishes. Yesterday, finally, the day arrived, and off the three of us went ready to stuff ourselves full of some of the most gorgeous grub I’ve ever had the pleasure of eating. Unlike our first visit, Thairiffic was bustling with people on the sunny Wednesday night we visited, but this did not impact on the flawless service from the wait staff who were welcoming, considerate and conscientious without being overbearing. Again, free glasses of water for the table is a great touch, and the complimentary prawn crackers are not your garden variety – they are light and crunchy with a slightly fishier and spicier taste than the bag of prawn crackers you get from your local Chinese restaurant.

Recently, I’ve decided that when in a restaurant we should not have two of the same thing at the table, meaning that everyone gets to try as much as possible. In an establishment such as Thairiffic, where all the food sounds fabulous, I feel this is a good rule to employ. Thus, we ordered three different starters with promises of tasters for each other. I had the Golden Bags – crispy filo pastry filled with curried chicken and vegetables. The pastry was light and crispy, and the filling had a subtle curry flavour that was nicely complimented by the accompanying sweet chilli sauce. Dad ordered the Thai Calamari and was served a plate of delicious, crispy and delicately spiced squid, also with a sweet chilli dipping sauce. The final starter at the table was mum’s choice of Tod Mon Goong. These were billed as minced king prawn cakes coated with breadcrumbs and served with plum sauce, and they were definitely a winner in our eyes. The consistency was akin to that of a chewy prawn toast, and the plum sauce was sticky and not overly sweet. Starters eaten, we were all in a very good mood.

As we often do, mum and I chose to share two different dishes between us. The first of these dishes was an easy choice of Ped Sauce Ma-Kham – crispy duck in sweet and sour tamarind sauce. This particular dish is one of our favourites from previous visits to other restaurants, so we couldn’t wait to try Thairiffic’s version – and we weren’t disappointed. Everyone agreed that it was by far the best dish on the table – soft, succulent duck with a crispy skin was accompanied by broccoli, cashew nuts and delicate, crispy onions in a sauce that was the perfect balance of sweet and sour.

Because the Massaman Curry that I devoured on our first visit to Thairiffic was so good, I chose another curry for our second dish. After much deliberation, I plumped for the Gaeng Kiew Wan – otherwise known as Thai Green Curry. Tender beef, peppers, aubergine and bamboo shoots came in a silky, creamy sauce which left us all with a spicy glow. Finally, dad ordered Pad Priggaeng – a spicy stir fry of chillies, peppers, green beans and the same tasty beef that was so good in the Thai Green Curry. Each of us also had a portion of fluffy, sticky egg fried rice which was the perfect accompaniment to soak up the sauces from the main dishes.

With a multitude of beautiful flavours lingering on my tongue, I had not intended to have dessert –  until I saw the menu that is. As a big fan of coconut, there were a number of desserts that appealed to me, but I finally chose the Thairiffic Pancake. What arrived was a rather disturbing green pancake, but I needn’t have worried because every mouthful was sheer delight. The soft, thick pancake was filled with desiccated coconut, sesame seeds and sugar, and served alongside a scoop of Equi’s creamy vanilla ice cream. Mum also had a scoop of this tasty ice cream in her dish of Deep Fried Ice Cream. Crispy batter surrounded the soft ball of ice cream and the dish was not oily, greasy or fatty. Dad ordered the Caramelised Pineapple which came served with Malibu liquor and a scoop of coconut ice cream and can only be described as delicious.

Every single piece of food on that passed my lips was fantastic, and I can honestly give Thairiffic 10 out of 10 for food, presentation, service and cleanliness. Even the bill didn’t send us running for the hills, at less than £100 for three, three course meals with drinks in the city centre. Once again, I can safely say that we’ll all be back to Thairiffic in the not too distant future.

Thairiffic – Website

Thairiffic – Facebook



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