Yo! Sushi – Glasgow

I make no secret of the fact that I love Yo! Sushi, so it was only a matter of time before I ended up in their new branch in Braehead shopping centre. In need of a break to refuel us in the middle of our shopping trip, Mum and I stopped in for lunch yesterday.

We were greeted by a lovely waiter who showed us to our seats and gave us a quick spiel about the new dishes on the recently redesigned menu. The options are now far more clearly presented in order of price instead of in a little book, making it much easier to quickly identify dishes going round on the belt.

Between us, we ate fifteen dishes – five hot and ten cold. We started of with a plate of Crispy Salmon Skin Roll and a Kaiso Salad each. Mum loves the Inari Pockets, but they’re a little too sweet for my liking so while she ate a plate of these I went for a plate of Prawn Nigiri. We shared a plate of Cucumber Maki and a Spicy Chicken Roll, as well as going for one of the new dishes on the menu. The Yasai Roll is filled with avocado, tamago, cucumber, and inari and topped with mayo, and while you can taste the sweetness from the tamago and inari I quite liked the combination of flavours. After enjoying this, we decided to try the Tamago Nigiri, as we’ve never chosen the sweet egg omelette dish before. While mum quite liked it, on its own the tamago was too sweet for me and I wouldn’t get the dish again.

I am a huge fan of Yo! Sushi hot dishes, and can’t have a visit without the Duck Gyoza or Prawn Katsu. The Spicy Pepper Squid was light and crispy, as were the delicious little bites of Popcorn Shrimp that we ordered for the first time. The crowning glory, however, is a dish that we never fail to order. The Pumpkin Katsu (previously Pumpkin Korroke) is a sweet, crispy delight that always puts a smile on my face.

It’s not a cheap way to eat, but we love Yo! Sushi because it allows us to try lots of little things, and it’s a great way to try new foods. I’m sure we’ll be back to a Yo! Sushi, in some corner of the country, in the not too distant future.

Yo! Sushi – Website

Yo! Sushi – Facebook

Yasai Roll (2 pieces) 44kcal


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