Whole Foods Market – Giffnock

Okay, so it’s not technically a restaurant, but Whole Foods is one of my favourite places to eat lunch. You can choose from a wide range of freshly made foods, from macaroni cheese to a salad bar selection, from hand made sandwiches to stunning patisserie.

Personally, I’m a sucker for their filled sandwiches, and yesterday I chose Max’s Manwich – turkey, ham, salami, cheese and salad all served on a toasted focaccia. Unfortunately they had run out of salami (couldn’t grab some from somewhere in the store?) but they were happy to replace it with bacon, so both dad and I went ahead and enjoyed a sandwich to delight the carnivores of the world. Mum enjoyed the Squealer – the same focaccia with pulled pork, cheese and guacamole, toasted until gooey. Alongside my sandwich I also enjoyed a cup of butternut squash, sweet potato and ginger soup. Some of the best soup I’ve ever tasted, it was thick and creamy with a hint of spice.

For dessert we each chose an individual cake from the patisserie counter. Mum’s Ministry of Chocolate consisted of decadent dark and milk chocolate mousse on a light chocolate almond sponge, coated with a chocolate glaze and finished with a white chocolate shard. Dad went for the Mont Blanc – white chocolate mousse with mixed berries with a crunchy white chocolate coating. For once, I believe I actually chose the best dessert at the table, at least in my eyes. My October was a delicious combination of chocolate almond sponge, dark chocolate mousse and hazelnut mousse, all coated in a rich chocolate glaze. Each of the three desserts were rich and decadent without being sickly, and we all polished of every last bite.

A wonderful lunch all for slightly under £10 a head. It’s probably just as well there isn’t a Whole Foods Market closer to home, as I would doubtless be in it far too often.

Whole Foods Market – Website

Whole Foods Market – Facebook


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