Chiquito – Glasgow

It was early when we entered Chiquito – apart from one group who looked to be finished, Monica and I were the only people in the Braehead branch of the popular Mexican chain. We were seated quickly and politely, given menus and brought complimentary flavoured popcorn to nibble on while we deliberated over the menu.

And what a menu to choose from – burgers, flatbreads, fajitas, burritos and everything in between feature on the main menu, so it was not an easy choice for either of us. However, after several verses of “I’ve changed my mind”, both of us managed to make a decision and stick to it long enough to order. Monica ordered the Chiquito ‘Street Style’ Burrito – a flour tortilla filled with cheese sauce, refried beans, cheese, lettuce, rice, and a choice of meats, from which Monica went for the beef chilli. The bulging burrito was served with salsa, guacamole, sour cream and tortilla chips, and Monica was a fan of every single one. She especially liked the fresh guacamole, and the crispy tortilla chips were perfect for dipping. I chose BBQ pulled pork for my Chimichanga, adding to the same base ingredients found in the burrito. The difference between the two is that the chimichanga is fried until golden brown and crispy – basically making it a more unhealthy version of the burrito! The chimichanga came with the same salsa, guacamole and sour cream as the burrito, but was accompanied by skin-on fries. These were pretty good, although not as useful for dipping as the tortilla chips.

After a bit of a rest, we decided to order dessert. Monica chose the Mexican Mess – a cinnamon tortilla filled with raspberry ripple ice cream, strawberry yoghurt, cream, chocolate brownie pieces, chocolate sauce, strawberries and a churro. Monica asked to hold the chocolate sauce, and I was pleased to see that this was done and her dessert was chocolate sauce free. So often restaurants fail to pay attention to the specific requests of their customers, so I’m always slightly nervous when asking for certain ingredients to be left out. As for the dessert, Monica praised the raspberry ripple ice cream but said that the churro wasn’t wonderfully cooked. She also left the tortilla basket as she couldn’t taste any cinnamon on it.

I, on the other hand, couldn’t have been happier with my choice of Chocolate Orange Cake. Chocolate and orange is one of my absolute favourite combinations, so I couldn’t look past this cake on the menu. A thick orange sauce was encased in soft, delicate sponge topped with a smooth chocolate ganache. Served slightly warm, the sauce oozed from the middle of the light cake and it was delicious eaten with a spoonful of the vanilla ice cream that it was served with.

Another nice meal at reasonable prices – and we both left with very satisfied stomachs!

Chiquito – Website

Chiquito – Facebook


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