Epicures of Hyndland – Glasgow

Perusing the menu in Epicures of Hyndland, I knew immediately that I was going to have trouble choosing what to have – again! I jumped from dish to dish, before eventually choosing the Classic Club – chicken, tomato, prosciutto and basil pesto on toasted wholemeal bread served with skinny fries. Olivia also went for the club, and when it arrived we both wondered quite how we were going to tackle the massive sandwich – we both managed mind you! I was, however, a little envious of Rosie’s choice of Goat Cheese and Red Onion Tartlet. It may have been a lot smaller than the club, but it looked gooey, creamy and perfectly cooked.

While Olivia called it a day after her sandwich, Rosie and I couldn’t resist ordering from the delicious sounding cakes on offer. Rosie’s Lemon Poppy Seed Cake looked light and fluffy, but I definitely didn’t regret my second choice of the day. My Salted Chocolate Tart had crisp pastry and a smooth chocolate ganache, as well as a layer of an unidentifiable but delicious mixture. As a whole, it was decadent yet not overly sickly or heavy and I enjoyed every last bite.

I would most definitely return to Epicures of Hyndland, both for lunch and to try their dinner menu. Next time, though, the goat cheese tartlet will be on my side of the table.

Epicures of Hyndland – Website

Epicures of Hyndland – Facebook


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