GFG On Tour (1) – Day Two

Premier Inn – Kidderminster

Breakfast in a Premier Inn is the same no matter which part of the country you’re in, so there were no great surprises this morning when we went for two continentals and a full for dad. The continental breakfast allows you to choose from a selection of fruits and cereals, alongside toast, crumpets and croissants. Everything is pretty standard, but it does allow you to fill yourself up for the day ahead. Dad was able to choose from a number of hot breakfast goods, including bacon, sausages, eggs and hash browns. Again standard, but there were no significant complaints.

The Ludlow Kitchen – Ludlow

We visited the Ludlow Food Centre today for a browse, taking time for a bite to eat in the accompanying cafe – the Ludlow Kitchen. We were shown to a booth, passing some delectable looking cakes, biscuits and meringues – but we were only stopping for a lite bite to eat. Dad chose the Chicken and Gloucester Old Spot Bacon Sandwich on malted bread, and was happy with the well filled sandwich that arrived. My Roast Beef sandwich on white bread was also very tasty – super fresh, soft white bread filled with real roast beef and tomatoes. I particularly liked that the mustard for my sandwich arrived on the side, so I was able to decide how much of the peppery heat I wanted. Meanwhile, mum enjoyed a a slice of Pork and Chicken Terrine and a slice of some type of pâté when she ordered the Pâté Selection. Although none of us really considered it to be a selection of pâté, it went down well across the table. The star of the show, however, had to be the side order of Small Chips with Aioli that we ordered to share. For starters, the portion of homemade, rustic and delicious chips wasn’t particularly small, and the aioli that came alongside it was superb. I think this was definitely the favourite dish for everyone!

Shapla – Ludlow

As dinner time rolled around, we found ourselves back in the centre of Ludlow choosing between Thai and Indian. Things were pretty much decided when we realised that the Thai was shut, but we were all happy to give Indian restaurant Shapla a go. Given that we had eaten lunch a little later than usual, we decided to skip the heavy starters and opted to share three Plain Poppadoms and a Pickle Tray. Kindly, we were provided with four poppadoms to eat with the four delicious dips. Unsure of what any of them were we dug in, and though one was slightly too spicy for my liking they all had a lovely flavour.

Dad opted for the Lamb Biryani, asking for his vegetable curry sauce to be made hotter than advertised. The kitchen certainly delivered, and dad enjoyed a spicy curry with beautifully tender chunks of lamb. Mum also enjoyed the delicious lamb in her Balti Sag – spinach cooked with onions and tomatoes. Easily swayed by one of my favourite ingredients, I went for Akhbari Duck – duck breast marinated in garlic, ginger, thyme, rosemary and olive oil and served with cashew nuts and pistachios in a fresh cream and yoghurt sauce. The sauce was reminiscent of a korma but the duck was disappointing. Chewy and a bit tough, it lacked any flavour of duck at all and I didn’t even finish it. The pilau rice was well cooked and while the naan bread we ordered was studded with garlic it didn’t carry much of a flavour.

Most of the things on the table tonight were lovely, it was a shame that the duck was such a let down. Overall though, day two was pretty good.

Premier Inn – Website

Premier Inn – Facebook

The Ludlow Kitchen – Website

The Ludlow Kitchen – Facebook

Shapla – Website


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