GFG On Tour – Day Three

Premier Inn – Kidderminster

We opted for the same breakfast again this morning, mainly for speed and ease. A problem with the toaster getting jammed meant mum and I had to wait longer than we would have liked for our toast, but when we eventually got our food it was fine – nothing startling but good enough for the price you’re paying.

Cadbury World – Bournville

Lunch was a quick snack in the Cadbury World cafe, and again was nothing to write home about. The choices were fairly limited, so dad and I each had a simple tuna baguette, sharing a packet of crisps between us. Mum didn’t fancy a sandwich so she went for the Baked Potato with Red Leciester Cheese and Spring Onion. Although pretty plain fare, she rather enjoyed her meal and it was definitely a little bit more exciting than our baguettes. I will say this though – there were some scrumptious looking cakes lying out,  including rocky road that looked heavenly. We didn’t go back for any though, as we’d been given enough free chocolate already as it was!

Yo! Sushi – Cardiff

Everyone knows I love Yo! Sushi, so I was quite happy tonight when we ended up in the branch inside the St. David’s Centre in Cardiff. As usual the food was lovely – we shared a number of dishes including the Kaiso Salad and Kaiso Gunkan, Crunchy Prawn Roll, and Spicy Pepper Squid. I filled myself up with a delicious Chicken Katsu Curry – crispy chicken served with sticky rice and yummy curry sauce. Mum braved the new Beef Curry Ramen – slices of beef, vegetables and ramen noodles in a curry broth with chilli sesame oil – eating the contents before passing the spicy broth over to dad to finish. I too enjoyed a new menu item – Japple Pie. The limited edition dessert is a waffle cone filled with black sesame ice-cream, dried raspberry, apple and vanilla gyozas, a chocolate Pocky and salted caramel miso sauce. I wasn’t a fan of the caramel sauce – the miso flavour just didn’t do it for me, but the black sesame ice-cream was a tasty departure from the norm, and the apple gyozas were like delicious bite sized apple pies.

However, the service was as bad as the food was good. The staff were dead slow and stop, and we even ended up cancelling two of our dishes that didn’t look like they were going to arrive before we had to leave. It’s a real pity that the incompetent staff ruined a good night – I can safely say that, of all the Yo! Sushi branches I’ve been in, this was the worst experience I’ve had by a long way.

Premier Inn – Website

Premier Inn – Facebook

Cadbury World – Website

Cadbury World – Facebook

Yo! Sushi – Website

Yo! Sushi – Facebook


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