GFG On Tour (1) – Day Six

Patisserie Valerie – Windsor

Today we journeyed to Windsor to have a wander round the shops and visit Windsor Castle. Before we joined the hour long queue for the castle, however, we went for a bite to eat in nearby Patisserie Valerie. As we entered, mum and I were already eyeing up the decadent cakes that lined the window, but dad chose to go for a savoury option. His Grilled Croissant with Cheese and Ham was enormous – easily the biggest croissant I’ve ever seen. It was also oozing with delicious, melted cheese and it looked gorgeous. Meanwhile, mum and I had chosen the Strawberry Gateau and the Mille-Feuille respectively. The slice of gateau was light and fluffy, made with melt in the mouth sponge, and topped with glazed strawberries. My Mille-Feuille was also gigantic – a monstrosity of custard and pastry! The custard was thick and sweet, and the pastry was crispy and flaky. As delicious as the whole thing was mind you, I did feel like I’d over done it by the end!

Wagamama – Windsor

Hours later, with a trip to the castle under our belts, we popped into Wagamama for dinner. Without even looking at the menu, mum and I had chosen two sides – the Chilli Squid and the Ebi Katsu. The squid is a firm favourite of ours as it is always perfectly cooked and wonderfully seasoned. The Ebi Katsu – tail-on prawns in crispy panko coating – is a fairly recent addition to the menu and we couldn’t help but try it. The crunchy panko wielded to a tender prawn and we all enjoyed them immensely – even if the accompanying sauce was a little too spicy for me and mum.

For his main, dad chose to deviate from his normal choice and have Surrendra’s Curry with Chicken.the curry was described as hot and spicy, so it’s no surprise that dad was drawn to it. He rather enjoyed it, saying that the chicken was beautifully tender and that the sauce had both flavour and heat. He also like the crispy sweet potato straws that were piled on top – nothing special on their own but really nice with the curry. Mum returned to her favourite dish – Chicken and Prawn Pad Thai. The dish has recently had its name changed (it used to be Wagamama Pad Thai) and we wondered if the dish itself would have changed any. The only difference mum noted was that it was a little less nutty than usual – but it could just be that the particular branch we were in made it slightly differently tonight. Finally, I chose the Yakitori Duck, a dish I discovered on a recent visit to Wagamama. Fluffy rice is piled with marinated shredded duck and served with a mooli and cucumber salad and pancakes. They certainly don’t hold back on the duck, which is nice, and the fact that you can build your own pancake means there’s an element of freedom to your meal. The dish was as good as I had remembered – if a little messy!

Another pretty successful day of food – long may it continue.

Patisserie Valerie – Website

Patisserie Valerie – Facebook

Wagamama – Website

Wagamama – Facebook


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