GFG On Tour – Day Eleven

ASK Italian – Amersham

None of us have ever eaten in an ASK Italian, and I was craving pasta, so we popped into the branch in Amersham this afternoon for a late lunch. We were seated and served by very pleasant staff, and set about examining the menu. We decided to forgo heavy starters in favour of sharing the Italian Olives and the Rosemary and Sea Salt Bread. The bread was served warm, with oil and vinegar for dipping, and was the perfect taster for a lovely meal.

Mum decided she fancied pizza, choosing the Salami Misti. The super thin pizza base was topped with two types of salami, pepperoni, smoked prosciutto  roasted red peppers, caramelised onion and Grana Padano cheese. Mum enjoyed the pizza, but did say that neither salami was particularly strong in flavour. Unusually, dad and I chose the same dish – Rigatoni Al Manzo Piccante. The baked pasta dish consisted of beef meatballs, beef and pork ragu, chilli, caramelised onions, red pepper and both mozzarella and Grana Padano cheeses. The steaming dish of pasta was very tasty, with just the right hint of chilli and stringy, melted mozzarella.

Although fairly full, we all indulged in dessert. Dad stayed light and chose the Lemon Sorbetti, which he raved about, saying it was delicious and zingy. Mum enjoyed her choice of Profiteroles Al Cioccolato – profiteroles filled with ice cream and topped with chocolate sauce. Messy, but very tasty, especially when coated in the rich chocolate sauce. I was immediately draw to one of the specials – Cioccolato Supremo. Crispy Torcetti biscuits were soaked in hot chocolate and served with ice cream and doused in rich dark chocolate ganache. A very decadent dish, certainly, but the crispy biscuit complemented the melting ice cream perfectly.

We were all in agreement that ASK presented a very nice meal, and we would definitely make the effort to return to another branch at some point.

ASK Italian – Website

ASK Italian – Facebook


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