Garvie and Co. – Milngavie

Mum and I entered Garvie and Co. today looking like a pair of drowned rats. In an attempt to counteract a lunch out, we decided to walk to the restaurant for lunch – in the rain. Thankfully it’s not the Ritz, and Garvie and Co. welcomed us in our soaking clothes and shoes.

We both selected sandwiches from the lunch and supper club menu, mum choosing the Blackened Cajun Chicken Ciabatta and I the Smoked Salmon Ciabatta. Both sandwiches came on fluffy, warm ciabattas and were well filled with their respective, tasty fillings. Mums only complaint was that the ciabatta was very soft on top, whereas she likes them to have a bit of chew about them. The fillings, however, were both very nice, and I especially enjoyed the mix of smoky salmon and smooth cream cheese.

The desserts at Garvie and Co. are always pretty damn good, and today’s were no exception. Mum enjoyed the light, zingy Lemon Tart with a scoop of sharp and refreshing raspberry sorbet, while I made my way through the biggest Crème Brulee I’ve ever seen. The huge ramekin was filled with thick, creamy custard and served with two huge chunks of light, crumbly shortbread.

Upon finishing the dessert I was stuffed, but it was well worth it as the whole meal was delicious. I’ve visited Garvie and Co. a number of times since it opened, and nothing about today’s visit would prevent us from returning again.

Garvie and Co. – Website

Garvie and Co. – Facebook


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