Wagamama – Glasgow

Yep, it’s another Wagamama post… Well, you can’t say I’m not consistent! Three of us were out shopping on Thursday, and by lunchtime we were all different degrees of hungry, so we went to nearby Wagamama to sate our hunger. Heather suggested just sharing a few sides, but Rona and I were both a bit hungrier than that so whilst we each chose a main for ourselves, Heather plumped for the Wok-Fried Greens and the Chicken Steamed Gyoza. The tender stem broccoli and bok choi were fried with soy sauce and garlic – lots of garlic! While she did enjoy the vegetables, she was reaching for the chewing gum afterwards as the garlic in the dish was very strong.

I went for an old favourite – Chicken Katsu Curry. Crispy, tender chicken, coated in a perfectly spiced sauce served with sticky rice and dressed salad leaves – what’s not to like? Rona also enjoyed a steaming pile of noodles in her Yaki Udon – chicken and prawns mixed with egg and a variety of veg. Rona and I also shared the Chilli Squid which, as usual, was spicy, crispy and perfectly cooked.

No complaints about the food then – although it was a definite observation that maybe Wagamama should learn to provide not only forks and spoons, but knives as well. Heather’s long pieces of broccoli were definitely too big for one bite, and one may feel pressured only to use the cutlery provided. This one complaint is unlikely to keep us away, mind you, so I’m sure this won’t be the last Wagamama post from me!

Wagamama – Website

Wagamama – Facebook


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