Rose and Grants – Bearsden

The eating options at Bearsden Cross have, over the years, developed to create a nice little area with a number of options, from cafés to restaurants. We chose to visit Rose and Grants for a light lunch last Thursday, and the results were mixed.

Breakfast is served all day in Rose and Grants, so Heather ordered a Bagel with Scrambled Eggs and Smoked Salmon, while I chose to go for the Tomato and Parsnip Soup with Hummus and Roasted Aubergine Sandwich. My soup was vary tasty – thick and delicately spiced, it was a good, substantial bowl of soup. The sandwich was a little unexciting – perhaps my own fault as the cold aubergine was not really my cup of tea. I had been drawn in by one of my favourite ingredients – hummus – but the sandwich was slightly lacking in this area.

As for Heather’s bagel – whilst there was plenty of smoked salmon and scrambled egg, the bagel wasn’t toasted so much as cremated. The blackened bagel looked pretty unappetising, and Heather proved this was the case by failing to eat all of it.

I wouldn’t necessarily rule out a return visit, but in the future I’d probably be more likely to visit one of the other eateries in the area.

Rose and Grants – Website

Rose and Grants – Facebook



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