Hillhead Bookclub – Glasgow

The Hillhead Bookclub is certainly a well established drinking venue in the West End, but Monica and I decided to eat there yesterday lunchtime. When we arrived the place was pretty dead, but it did begin to fill up as we ate.

Both Monica and I went for the Pie of the Day – Chicken and Chorizo – and substituted the accompanying mashed potato for chips. The pastry on the pie was simply a lid, but it was nice, crispy puff pastry all the same. The dish itself was filled with plenty of chicken but just a few cubes of chorizo. Unfortunately the chorizo wasn’t particularly strong, but it did give the broth around it a nice, subtle, smoky flavour. The chips were good, chunky, skin-on affairs – very tasty dipped into some good old tomato ketchup.

For dessert Monica ordered an Eton Mess – which it certainly was. Cream, meringue and fresh strawberries adorned her plate and although she didn’t finish it she did seem to enjoy what she had had. I went for the Lemon Meringue Pie (pie again!) which, if I’m honest, was a little disappointing. Despite a crispy base and soft, fluffy Italian meringue, the lemon aspect of the dish really lacked some zing and I found myself wishing I’d ordered differently.

Nothing we ate at the Bookclub was bad, but I probably wouldn’t go rushing back. The food, at best, could be described as fine and there are plenty of other options in the West End.

Hillhead Bookclub – Website

Hillhead Bookclub – Facebook


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