Jannettas Gelateria – St. Andrews

It’s been a couple of years since we last made the trip to St. Andrews so we decided to make use of my day off work and travel up. Despite being late September, it was a warm day, so we wandered for a while before deciding to visit Jannettas for lunch.

The lunch menu in Jannettas is fairly low maintenance – as far as I could see they prefer to concentrate on their famous ice cream – but low maintenance, in this case, makes for food done well. Other than a few breakfast items, the menu is made up of a number of open sandwiches with toppings ranging from cheese to ham to salami to hummus. I struggled to choose between a few options, but eventually plumped for the Goats Cheese and Caramelised Red Onion sandwich served with salad leaves, sundried tomatoes, roasted cherry tomatoes and coleslaw. I chose poppy seed bread from the choice of poppy seed or multi-seed, and was served three half slices of soft white bread with a mountain of toppings. Three wheels of smooth, creamy goats cheese were delicious alongside the slightly acidic onions, and the coleslaw and roasted tomatoes added the perfect amount of moisture to the dish.

Mum also chose the poppy seed bread as a base for her Porchetta open sandwich. The Italian pork was served with salad leaves, peppers, pork jus and roasted cherry tomatoes. The pork, served warm, was melt-in-the-mouth and was complemented by the juicy peppers and tomatoes. Meanwhile, dad decided on the multi-seed bread to accompany his Ham, Mustard Mayonnaise and Piccalilli sandwich, also served with coleslaw, salad leaves and roasted tomatoes. Again all the ingredients merged together perfectly and dad thoroughly enjoyed his lunch.

Each of us cleared our plates and commented that we thoroughly enjoyed our meals. Sadly, we didn’t try any of the cafes famous ice cream, but that’s just another reason to return at some point in the future.

Jannettas Gelateria – Website

Jannettas Gelateria – Facebook


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