Mitchell – St. Andrews

After some more walking, a game of putting, some more walking and a little more walking, we decided to pop into Mitchell for our evening meal. The small restaurant is attached to a deli which boasts some mouth-watering continental meats as you walk through the door. I liked the rustic décor of the restaurant, with wooden tables, mismatched chairs and handwritten posters adorning the walls. A note about the chairs though – if you’re of a particularly small stature you might want to take a booster seat with you, as I felt like I was sitting very low down.

We decided not to order individual starters and instead shared an Artisan Bread Board, which consisted of a variety of different breads and three pots of different oils and vinegars to dip. All the breads were soft and fresh, and though we couldn’t identify what was in some of the dips they were tasty as well.

For our mains, mum and I both chose the Oak Smoked Haddock Risotto, which came topped with a poached egg. The perfectly poached egg oozed an orange yolk when cut, and though mum enjoyed the combination of yolk and risotto, I wasn’t so sure about this combination. The risotto was nice, and contained some flaky chunks of smoked fish but, as mum said, we’ve made better risottos at home.

Across the table, dad enjoyed a Steak Pie with a proper baked on lid. The steak itself looked tender and well cooked, and dad also enjoyed the mashed potato served alongside it. Disappointingly, however, the accompanying vegetables were clearly frozen – something which I don’t really see an excuse for, especially with such a small menu on offer to begin with.

Service was also a little underwhelming and a bit slow for our tastes, so we decided not to order dessert. It’s not that anything we ate was bad, but it should also be said that nothing was fantastic and we would probably eat somewhere else if we were back in St. Andrews.

Mitchell – Website

Mitchell – Facebook


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