La Tasca – Glasgow

Usually we only visit Silverburn Shopping Centre to eat at the Yo! Sushi which sits in the middle of the concourse; yesterday, however, mum and I actually decided to do some, erm, shopping. Of course, this still meant we needed a pit-stop for some lunch and you’re now spoiled for choice given a number of new additions to the centre. We were looking for a relatively cheap option and so settled on La Tasca’s Rapido Menu – £9.95 for a starter and three tapas.

The two starter options are a House Salad or Bread and Oils, so mum and I decided to go for one of each. The salad was nothing out of the ordinary, but we were impressed with the fact that there were three good sized slices of bread with the dish of oil and vinegar.

Of the 12 tapas options available, we chose six to share between us. Tortilla Española was a good filler, although I’m never a huge fan of the egg and potato dish. The Calamares and Albóndigas – crispy squid and meatballs to you and me – were both pretty standard, although kudos for the well cooked squid, as it’s an easy thing to get wrong. The Chorizo was simply fried and oozed a gorgeous red juice, and we both enjoyed the accompanying slices of garlic. Selflessly, goat cheese hater mum was happy to let me order the Croquettas de Espinaca – crispy fried croquettes filled with goat cheese, spinach and béchamel sauce. I enjoyed their creamy texture, and even mum didn’t hate them. By far the best of our selection was the Croquettas de Pollo – chicken croquettes that were soft and fluffy on the inside, and crispy on the outside.

Unfortunately, we did have a few complaints. Every one of the six dishes was more lukewarm than hot, presumably because they waited until all the dishes were ready to bring them to the table. There was also a need for salt in several of the dishes – something which I wouldn’t ordinarily mention except for the absence of salt and pepper on the tables. It’s an annoyance of mum’s and it doesn’t particularly impress me either – it says that there is an air of over-confidence in the kitchen’s abilities.

So not the best tapas we’ve ever had, but many of the more detrimental issues could be easily solved. As for next time? Well, there’s plenty of choice in Silverburn so we probably won’t be back.

La Tasca – Website

La Tasca – Facebook


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