Hillhead Bookclub – Glasgow

A group of seven of us headed to Hillhead Bookclub on Saturday morning for brunch. My previous visit to the West End institution failed to excite, but I was happy to give it another go, especially as I’d be ordering from a different menu.  After some confusion about what time the kitchen would be opening – serving brunch from 10 seems a little difficult if the kitchen doesn’t open until 12! – Rosie managed to book us a table and we sat down to eat at half 11.

Two Full Scottish Breakfasts went down well – the plates were loaded with bacon, sausage, toast, beans, mushrooms and all the other typical fried breakfast foods. Likewise, the Full Vegetarian Breakfast was sizeable and the plateful was polished off. Across the table, French Toast and Bacon disappeared before I could take a second glance at it – so I assume it was pretty tasty.

The Bookclub Sandwich was a tower of toast, chicken, bacon, lettuce and tomatoes, served with a pile of the Bookclub’s chunky chips. Next to me, Mary had the Eggs a la Bookclub – Eggs Florentine with chorizo and avocado. If it was anything like my choice of Eggs Benedict, it was okay but not great. The muffin, bacon and eggs were all fine – nice crispy bacon on soft, slightly chewy English muffins. However, the hollandaise tasted acidic – almost like someone had poured malt vinegar into the mix just before it was served.  It was one issue that really impacted the whole dish, as it was all I could think about every time I took a bite. In hindsight, I wish I’d gone for the Full Scottish – you can’t really go wrong with fried food can you?

So my second visit to the Bookclub only confirmed what I had decided the first time – the food is not wonderful, and if you’re eating you should probably stick to things that are hard to do badly. My advice though? Head to the Bookclub for drinks, but skip the food altogether.

Hillhead Bookclub – Website

Hillhead Bookclub – Facebook




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