Handmade Burger Co. – Braehead

I like a shopping trip as much as the next girl but, as many of you know,  my mind is never far from food. After walking the length of Braehead Shopping Centre once or twice, mum and I decided it was time for some sustenance and headed to the Handmade Burger Co. in the food court. We’ve both eaten in this particular branch before and so were aware of the ordering system (you order by table number at the bar and collect your own drinks). Although I’m not the biggest fan of this system – I’m not being paid to serve myself – it can be quite nice to order and leave both at your own pace.

The menu is fairly vast, with beef, chicken, lamb and veggie burgers alongside a few more specialised items and a list of sides and dips. It did, therefore, take us a few minutes to make our descicions, but in the end we were both very happy with our choices. Mum’s Italian Beef Burger was served with a creamy mozzarella, red pesto and two chunky slices of Italian sausage. Towering on the plate, she did eventually have to take her knife and fork to the dish – especially given the sesame bun which was rapidly falling apart (give me a good crusty roll any day of the week!). Given that the Italian had been one of my considerations, there would have been plenty of room for regret and disappointment on my part had I not chosen the Greek Lamb Burger instead. Swayed by one of my favourite ingredients – feta – I was served a dense, meaty burger topped with feta and tzatziki, plus all the usual salad accompaniments. The lamb was moist and flavoursome, and the feta gave a lovely sharp kick to the dish. Sharing a side of Coleslaw and a dish of Fresh Cut Chips between us stopped us from overeating, but it was the area where the only real complaint of the meal lies. Whilst the chips were crispy, salty and rustic there were quite a few that had come from potatoes that could have done with a bit of a trim. By the end of her meal, mum had amassed a pile of “bad bits” at the side of her plate.

However, no irreparable issues and a largely tasty meal for less than £15 a head means that Handmade Burger Co. score pretty highly in my book. Just see to the chips before next time and everyone’s a winner.

Handmade Burger Co. – Website

Handmade Burger Co. – Facebook







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