Bread Meats Bread – Glasgow

Bread Meats Bread has become somewhat of an institution is Glasgow, appearing on lists of recommended restaurants across the internet. I visited not long after it first opened and was disappointed by my own choice, although enjoyed a taste of my companion’s Redhead Sandwich. It was because of this that I was more than happy to give the place another shot, which I finally did the other day.

Four of us from work went to Bread Meats Bread at around half past three, and we were all surprised by how busy the place was on a weekday afternoon. We were seated quickly, but basically everyone who came in after us had to stand and wait for some time. This level of busyness should always be a good sign, so I was a happy bunny as we ordered and waited for our meals. The other three all went for burgers – Kathryn choosing the Black ‘n’ Blue and Olivia the Hot Rod. Both seemed happy with their choices, Olivia commenting on the nice spiciness of her burger which came with cheese, jalapenos, Buffalo ketchup and Harissa mayonnaise. Rosie ordered the Caribbean, asking for no mayo – a request that wasn’t an issue, I was pleased to note. The three of them cleared their plates, so I can only assume that everything was tasty!

Having had a burger on my last visit, I plumped for the Italian Pulled Pork Sandwich – slow cooked pork with provolone, spicy garlic broccoli and pork jus. The broccoli was perfectly cooked with a nice buttery coating – only once did a real hit of spice hit me but that’s quite all right by me. The stringy provolone cheese was subtle, but mixed well with the texture of the pork. Alas, this is where the sandwich failed to hit the spot. The pulled pork was plentiful, but actually rather dry. I resorted to using ketchup to moisten my sandwich, but couldn’t help but feel disappointed that this meat – which should have been tender and juicy – was on the dry side.

We ordered two sides between us – the Classic Poutine and Sweet Potato Fries. The Sweet Potato Fries were good – it’s hard to go wrong with something like that – while the poutine were a departure for all of us. Olivia loved them – the combination of chips, cheese and gravy could do no wrong in her eyes. For me, it was an okay dish but it didn’t excite me and in future I’d probably just go for a simple order of regular chips.

So what was my overall impression? Well (if you’re a die hard Bread Meats Bread loyalist look away now) it was all just fine. Nothing was terrible but, honestly, after two visits to the popular burger joint, I just don’t see what all the fuss is about. I might go in for a quick and pretty well priced lunch, but I don’t think you’ll catch me queuing for a table any time soon.

Bread Meats Bread – Website

Bread Meats Bread – Facebook


Bread Meats Bread 18.02.16 (2)
Italian Pulled Pork Sandwich
Bread Meats Bread 18.02.16
Italian Pulled Pork Sandwich, Sweet Potato Fries, Classic Poutine and Hot Rod Burger





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