Bullands – Milngavie

The first thing you must know is that I love a good scone, but my standards are high. It should be crispy on the outside but soft and fluffy on the inside. If it’s a fruit one (and it really should be) then there should be plenty of juicy fruit throughout. Scones are, of course, best served with clotted cream and jam, but if you’re having butter it must be soft and spreadable.

My parents have previously raved about the scones served in Bullands, and I thought it was about time I tried one myself. Almost the same size as the plate it was served on, the giant fruit scone was certainly crunchy and rustic on the outside. Breaking it open revealed a crumbly, fluffy inside and there seemed to be plenty of fruit suspended through it. All good so far. Served with butter and jam, the scone was definitely not easy to eat. Cutting it in half was not an option – the crumbly scone broke apart at the slightest touch. The only issue here was that the solid little pats of butter would have been difficult to spread on a regular scone, let alone this monster which crumbled at every touch.

Thus, I can confirm that Bullands serve up a very tasty scone indeed – and the other cakes available look yummy as well! My only advice for improvement? Take the butter out the fridge long before you serve it, and then you’ll be serving an almost perfect plateful.

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Bullands 18.02.16
Fruit Scone

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