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After a longer break than I would have liked, I finally have a new review for you! If you are at all familiar with Paesano Pizza in Glasgow, I’m sure that, like me, you’ll have heard some great reviews of their food. Recently crowned the joint winner in the Yelp Glasgow Pizza Battle, Paesano Pizza are often billed has having the best pizzas in town. So, what did I think?

Knowing that Paesano gets busy on a Friday lunchtime, mum and I opted to go a little before 1 o’clock. Definitely the right decision – there were plenty of seats when we arrived but by the time we left at around 2, people were queuing for tables. We were shown to seats at a long, central table and I liked the fact that, while they were still quiet, the menus were removed from the seats on either side of us so we wouldn’t be sitting right next to another party. The waitress took our drinks order  – two glasses of wine and water for the table –  and we were amused by the arrival of our wine in little tumbler glasses. Then, of course, we had to choose what pizza we wanted.

Paesano keep it simple – 8 regular pizzas and a couple of specials and their menu is complete. I’m a big advocate of this type of menu – do one thing and do it well. Although there were some really lovely sounding choices on the main menu, I was swayed by the special which was topped with Chorizo, ‘Nduja Sausage, Fior di Latte and Tomato Sugo. The pizza base was delicious – soft, chewy and cooked to perfection. I loved the meaty chunks of smoky chorizo (so much better than thin slices) and the ‘Nduja certainly packed a spicy punch. The pizza held just the right amount of sauce so as to be moist but not swimming in liquid, and the creamy cheese offset the spicy meats perfectly. Mum went meat free with her choice of Tomato Sugo, Capers, Olives, Anchovies, Mozzarella, Garlic and Extra Virgin Olive Oil (or EVOO, as the menu likes to call it). Another perfect pizza base was topped with plenty of olives and, although it was expectedly salty, mum thoroughly enjoyed her choice.

Between my spicy sausage and mum’s salty toppings, we made our way through our water pretty quickly, commenting to one another that we’d probably have to ask for more. However, without saying a word, our waitress removed our empty carafe and replaced it with a full one. A lovely touch which made us smile.

Unfortunately I do have a couple of wee niggles, but they are small and definitely fixable. We ordered a salad with our pizzas and had to chase it up as it had never arrived – not ideal but they did rectify the issue promptly and without issue. It also became clear that, as the restaurant got busier, service was being stretched thin. After being given our bill we struggled to actually pay, with the staff darting back and forward behind us. A couple more staff members would probably have circumvented this issue and I won’t hold it against them!

So, apart from a couple of little service issues, I had a very pleasurable visit to Paesano Pizza. Really good food, for very reasonable prices. In fact, both mum and I would go as far as to say that Paesano served us not only the best pizzas in Glasgow, but the best pizzas we’ve ever tasted!

Paesano Pizza – Website

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Paesano Pizza 25.03.16
Pizzas from Paesano Pizza

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