Global Village Market – Glasgow

It’s no secret that I love street food – food from a van is more than just a questionable burger these days. So it should come as no surprise that this was not my first visit to the Global Village Market – and it almost definitely won’t be my last! We  like to buy a few dishes to share, and although we always like to try something new, I’m pretty committed to the Gyros served at the Greek Grill House. Soft, pillow-y flatbread stuffed full of pork, salad, chips and tzatziki – what’s not to love? The meat is always tender and melt-in-the-mouth, the tzatziki is creamy and the chips fluffy, but the best bit, by far, is the bread. Far more than a pita or ordinary flatbread, it’s delicious on it’s own or with any and all of the elements of the gyros.

Global Village Market 06.04.16

Obviously the gyros wasn’t the only thing we ate –  our next stop was Wok Man for a Doner Meat Stir Fry. It may sound a little cheap and nasty, but the soft mix of lamb and beef doner meat was rather nice, if a little spicy. Also on the spicy side was the Keema Curry from Maharaja Indian Curry. Gorgeous flavours infused the plentiful dish of mince and peas – a good, authentic keema.

Global Village Market 06.04.16 (2)
Doner Meat Stir Fry
Global Village Market 06.04.16 (4)
Keema Curry

We also bought a little dish of Tartiflette from a stall selling French dishes. The creamy, cheesy sauce was gorgeous with the potatoes, which fell apart at first touch. Surprisingly, despite the bacon in the dish, it was in need of a little salt, but other than that it was another success.

Finally, we had to revisit one of our favourite stalls, who claim to sell the best macaroons in the world. I can wholeheartedly say that this statement is absolutely true – simple, delectable morsels of coconut and condensed milk that are an absolute joy to eat. Best served warm, they are crispy and chewy on the outside yet soft in the middle – I’m salivating just writing about them!

As usual, everything we had from the market was very tasty and I’ll definitely be keeping an eye open for the market’s return to Glasgow.

Global Village Market 06.04.16 (3)
Global Village Market 06.04.16 (5)

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