StrEAT Market – Glasgow

It probably goes without saying that I love street food, so you can imagine how happy I was when StrEAT Events announced Good Food Glasgow – a series of events showcasing some of Scotland’s finest food trucks. Dad and I decided to visit the Friday event at the Broomielaw, where 7 or 8 food trucks were poised to feed a throng of Glasgow foodies.

Unfortunately for them, the weather yesterday was far colder than it had been during the week, and so the riverfront event wasn’t quite as busy as it could have been. However, that didn’t deter us as we started with a dish of Irish Pakora from Fresh Revolution. The pakora – which was billed as deep fried potato, bacon and cabbage – was fried fresh to order. The soft, silky potato mixture was very nice, although we failed to find the bacon and it could have done with added salt. However, the accompanying sweet relish and wild garlic aioli really lifted the pakora and made for a light, tasty starter.

StrEat Market 13.05.16 (3)
Irish Pakora


We then moved on to Flat Out, who boast gourmet meatballs and artisan flatbreads – what doesn’t sound good there? All of the options available sounded nice, but I couldn’t go past the Beef and Ricotta Balls in Spicy Tomato and Onion Sauce. Served with salad and a flatbread, the meatballs were certainly meaty but I was disappointed by the lack of ricotta. I was expecting the balls to be stuffed with cheese, or at the very last to be able to taste it – at the end of the day they were plain beef meatballs.

StrEat Market 13.05.16 (2)
Beef and Ricotta Meatballs


Given dad’s great love of curry, our final dish really had to be from Babu Street Kitchen. The Bombay food truck were offering roti wraps as well as curry dishes, and we chose the latter. The Garlic Chilli Chicken had a mild kick of chilli  – just enough to be pleasant without being overwhelming – and was packed with tender chunks of chicken. The accompanying roti was soft and light, making a nice change from the usual rice accompaniment.

StrEat Market 13.05.16 (4)
Garlic Chilli Chicken


While each of these dishes was pretty good in its own right, none of them compared to the dessert I bought from The Crema Caravan. The UK’s first Crème Brûlée van (well, there can’t be much competition there, can there?) sells crème brûlée which is burnt to order. I opted for a twist on the classic – Rhubarb and Custard Crème Brûlée. The classic vanilla crème was topped with rhubarb compote and a cardamom palmier and I can say with absolute honesty that this was the best crème brûlée I’ve ever tasted. Ever. The crème was thick and silky, packed full of real vanilla and completely moreish. The chunky rhubarb compote was the perfect accompaniment to the sweet crème, and the palmier was a bit of a revelation. I’ve tried sweet dishes with cardamom before and never been able to taste it, however this delicate, flaky pastry had just a kick of savouriness from the cardamom that was delicious dipped into the gorgeous crème.

StrEat Market 13.05.16 (5)
Rhubarb and Custard Crème Brulee


So the best Crème Brûlée ever and some pretty decent savoury dishes too – overall a pretty successful lunchtime. Be warned – this is not cheap street food. Portions are smaller than you might expect and some are definitely more starter-sized, but you’re paying for quality and the gourmet-stamp here. Obviously, I am a huge advocate of events like this and I only hope the Glasgow street food scene continues to grow.


StrEAT – Website

StrEAT – Facebook

Fresh Revolution – Twitter

Flat Out – Twitter

Babu Kitchen – Twitter

Crema Caravan – Twitter



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