Cottonrake Bakery – Glasgow

I’ve been promising myself a visit to Cottonrake since it opened on Great Western Road and, finally, I’ve done just that. Rosie and I visited last Thursday afternoon, timing it just right to get seats between the busy lunchtime period and the after school rush. If you know Cottonrake at all, you’ll be aware that it is pretty small in size and doesn’t have many seats, but what it lacks in space it makes up for in quality.

As soon as I saw the cabinet of cakes, cookies and other goodies, I knew that I had to go for the Dark Chocolate Tart (which also came highly recommended from Rosie). Crisp pastry held a smooth, rich filling of dark chocolate ganache that was the perfect balance of sweet and bitter. The little quenelle of whipped cream on the top was a welcome accompaniment, breaking through the richness of the dark chocolate with its creaminess.

Cottonrake 19.05.16 (2)
Dark Chocolate Tart

Rosie’s White Chocolate and Raspberry Tart also looked gorgeous – a thick white chocolate giving way to reveal a layer of sharp raspberry curd which, I imagine, breaks through the sticky sweetness that can sometimes come from white chocolate.

Cottonrake 19.05.16
White Chocolate and Raspberry Tart

Although we sat a while without ordering anything else we were never made to feel unwelcome, and only chose to leave when the place began to get busy with harassed mothers and excitable children. It’s no surprise that I regret waiting so long to visit Cottonrake, and I don’t plan on waiting as long before the next visit.

Cottonrake – Website

Cottonrake – Facebook


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