StrEAT Market – Glasgow

So the Good Food Glasgow events are now finished but, happily, I managed to fit in a second visit to try some more street food goodies. Olivia and I headed to the Merchant City for the last Saturday event, allowing us to feast on some tasty treats from a variety of Scottish street food vendors.

We both started at The Mighty Mexican, Olivia choosing tacos while I went for a burrito. Olivia chose to fill her tacos with Chipotle Chicken, plus all the extras, and enjoyed what was a very tasty (if a bit messy) plateful. My Steak Burrito was well filled with tender steak, rice, peppers and all the extras you could think of – from sour cream to salsa to jalapeños. The flour tortilla was soft and light, but managed to hold in the mountain of fillings that had been stuffed inside it.

StrEat Market 21.05.16.jpg
Chipotle Chicken Tacos


We then moved on, deciding to share a side of Chilli Squid from Chompsky. Fried fresh to order, tender squid was coated a fantastic crispy batter. Salty, spicy and brilliantly savoury, I would go as far as to say that this was some of the best squid I’ve ever tasted. So much so, in fact, that both Olivia and I have vowed to follow Chompsky wherever they may go in order to try more of their wares.

StrEat Market 21.05.16 (2)
Chilli Squid


Of course, we couldn’t leave without dessert and the presence of Equi’s Ice Cream made me very happy indeed. I’ve had their plain vanilla ice cream before and couldn’t wait to try some of their more exciting flavours. Both Olivia and I went for a scoop each of Flakey Caramel and Toffee Fudge (in a tub, because you don’t need a cone for ice cream that good!). The Flakey Caramel was nice, but the real winner was definitely the Toffee Fudge which was full of flavour and packed full of chewy chunks of creamy fudge. Yum!

StrEat Market 21.05.16 (3)
Ice Cream


Another good visit to the StrEAT Market only confirmed what I already knew – that Glasgow really needs to step up and host this kind of event far more often.

StrEAT – Website

StrEAT – Facebook

Mighty Mexican – Twitter

Chompsky – Twitter

Equi’s – Twitter


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