Cup Tea Lounge – Glasgow

It’s not often I eat out at breakfast, so when my boss suggested having a farewell breakfast before I left I was more than happy to comply. She suggested Cup as both their locality and menu seemed to suit us all (well, mostly, but I’ll get to that).

Cup Tea Lounge, which turns into swanky bar Gin 71 at night, is set in beautiful surroundings, and we were shown to a cosy little booth at the rear of the restaurant. We’d already settled on the Morning Tea option, and so ordered three vegetarian and a regular (for me, of course!) and settled down with our smoothies while we awaited the arrival of our food. The morning tea, like it’s afternoon counterpart, arrives on three tiers which is very pretty but slightly problematic. Generally, I would eat cereal before anything savoury but as it all arrives together I felt I should eat the savoury tier while it was still warm. Thus, I started with the Mini Eggs Benedict – a poached egg precariously perched on a slice of thick cut ham and a toasted English muffin, topped with hollandaise sauce. It was the strangest English muffin I’ve ever seen, but the little, domed “muffin” was nice and crispy, providing a nice contrast to the soft egg and creamy sauce. I then moved onto the Mini Brioche Bun with Bacon, which was nice enough although the bacon was a little to crispy for my liking. The Mini Roll with Lorne Sausage was a (surprisingly large) sub-like roll which contained about a third of a slice of Lorne sausage. Again, nice enough, but there wasn’t enough sausage to fill the bread and so I did leave the dry edges in order to leave room for the other tiers of food!

I then jumped to the top tier, which held two cups of granola topped yoghurt and a little dish of berries. I mixed my granola and berries through the yoghurt, and rather enjoyed the not-too-sweet combination of crunchy granola and smooth, creamy yoghurt. My only complaint? As a granola lover it would have been nice to have a little more granola in relation to the yoghurt, but given the amount of food on the table I don’t think I can really grumble.

Cup Tea Lounge 28.06.16.jpg
Granola, Yoghurt and Fruit


The middle tier of the morning tea is home to Mini Plain Scones, Mini Apple and Cinnamon Scones and Mini Danish Pastries – the latter being an Apple Pastry and a Cinnamon Swirl. The scones were lovely – soft and fluffy on the inside with a good crusty outer. The Apple and Cinnamon Scone also boasted a good, strong cinnamon flavour which can sometimes be missing from flavoured scones. The pastries – of which I could only manage half of each – were also very nice. They both featured crispy, flaky pastry and sweet, flavoursome fillings – next time I’ll start with them rather than leaving them till I’m full!

The vegan among us (told you it didn’t suit everyone!) ordered only a coffee, but the staff very kindly added this on to the morning tea, as tea and coffee are unlimited with it. Bonus point for the attentive, accommodating staff.

I would argue that Cup do sweet better than savoury, but from my experience I wouldn’t be afraid to go back. I certainly believe that, if the morning tea is anything to go by, their afternoon tea would be a very tasty (if gut-busting) experience.

Cup – Website

Cup – Facebook


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