GFG On Tour – Day Two

Moose Coffee – Liverpool

Everybody knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and if you’re looking to fuel up for the day ahead, look no further than Moose Coffee. The Liverpool branch is located not too far from the waterfront and is definitely a popular destination – we arrived half an hour after opening and the place was already packed. We were directed to a table in the compact upstairs area where we settled down to examine the extensive breakfast menu.

After quite a bit of consideration, mum and dad both settled on the Mighty Moose while I opted for the Manolito. The Mighty Moose features the cafe’s signature hash alongside bacon, egg and toast, and what arrived was certainly a mighty portion. Two slices of very thickly sliced toast accompanied a huge portion of the potato, garlic and mustard hash. The mustard definitely packed a peppery punch and though both mum and dad added salt to the hash, they thoroughly enjoyed the dish (although struggled to finish it).

Moose Coffee 23.07.16 (2)
Mighty Moose


The Manolito is Moose Coffee’s twist on huevos rancheros – two tortillas topped with refried beans, salsa, cheese, sour cream and two fried eggs. The combination of flavours was perfect, with the spicy kick from the salsa being tempered by the cool sour cream and gorgeously gooey egg yolk. The refried beans were thick and creamy and worked well as a base for the other ingredients. I also failed to finish my plateful, although it pained me to leave such a tasty breakfast on the plate.

Moose Coffee 23.07.16

The only little niggle with Moose Coffee was their toilets – only one single cubicle to service a very busy restaurant is not ideal and can lead to queues forming where they shouldn’t. However, we couldn’t complain about any of the food and would definitely recommend Moose Coffee to anyone visiting Liverpool (although you’d better get there early!).

Salt House Tapas – Liverpool

After a breakfast so big it couldn’t be finished, we didn’t really feel a need to eat until around late afternoon. At this point we figured that restaurants wouldn’t yet be busy with the Saturday night crowds, and so headed to an area filled with eateries to make our choice. We settled on Salt House Tapas, entering a surprisingly busy restaurant to be told that they would need the table back in an hour and a half. This didn’t really bother us (it’s up to them to serve you promptly) and so we chose nine plates to share between us.

Firstly, I was very pleased to find that each dish came when ready so nothing is left waiting under heat lamps or on the pass to go cold. The first dish to arrive was also the table favourite – Ham Croquettes. Crispy coating gave way to moist, tender and beautifully flavoured ham – despite being the first dish to arrive I couldn’t help but leave a chunk of croquette to finish with.

Salt House Tapas 23.07.16 (8)
Ham Croquettes (Right), Prawns in Garlic and Chilli (Top Left), and Salt Cod Croquettes (Bottom Left)


That’s not to say that every thing else on the table wasn’t great however, because every single thing we ordered in Salt House was delicious. We branched out and tried Salt Cod Croquettes which were light and flaky, the Patatas Bravas were well cooked with a lovely tomato sauce, and the Meatballs were far and away some of the best I’ve ever tasted. It wasn’t just the traditional dishes that impressed though, as we also ordered some more modern dishes. The Aubergine Crostini had a perfectly crispy base which contrasted with the soft aubergine mixture and labneh (Greek yoghurt) which balanced on top of it. Both the Pork Cheek and Lamb Shoulder dishes were perfectly cooked, allowing great meat to come to the fore with simple, fresh accompaniments like petit pois and pomegranate.

We did have to chase up one dish which seemed to have been forgotten about, but it’s one small issue that was far overshadowed by the fabulous, fresh food which we ate at Salt House.

Salt House Tapas 23.07.16 (6)
Aubergine Crostini (Left), Chicken with Tahini and Harissa (Top Right), and Meatballs (Bottom Right)
Salt House Tapas 23.07.16 (7)
Pork CheekΒ (Left), Patatas Bravas (Top Right), and Lamb Shoulder (Bottom Right)

Moose Coffee – Website

Moose Coffee – Facebook

Salt House Tapas – Website

Salt House Tapas – Facebook


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