GFG On Tour (2) – Day Four

Moose Coffee – Crosby

It was pretty inevitable that we would end up back at Moose, although this time we headed for their branch in Crosby. Slightly out of the city, this branch was a lot quieter with a more chilled out atmosphere – the food was just as good though!

This time around I headed for the sweet section of the menu, settling on the Pancakes with Streaky Bacon. Three thick, fluffy American pancakes came served with butter, maple syrup and the crispiest bacon I’ve had in my life – another huge portion that I couldn’t finish. Dad also went for a sweet choice with the Grande Bouche – two super thick pieces of sweet brioche bread cooked in an egg and vanilla batter, served with the same crispy bacon and maple syrup as the pancakes. Dad felt that the toast was a little drier than he would have liked, figuring that it was so thick cut that the egg mixture hadn’t been allowed to soak through. This did mean that the maple syrup was needed, although the flavours of the toast with the syrup and bacon were good.

Moose Coffee 25.07.16 (4)
Moose Coffee 25.07.16 (2)
Grande Bouche

Mum stuck to the savoury with the New Orleans Moose – eggs benedict with pulled pork. A toasted bagel was topped with two well poached eggs, creamy hollandaise sauce and a pile of tender pulled pork. The pork wasn’t flavoured with the usual barbeque sauce, and mum found it rather strong at first. However, she did enjoy the dish as the strong flavours of the pork went well with the creaminess of the eggs and hollandaise.

Moose Coffee 25.07.16 (3)
New Orleans Moose

More good food from Moose Coffee, this time in a slightly quieter restaurant. What’s not to love?

Rich’s – Southport

We stopped for a quick refuel in Rich’s, mum having a cream scone while dad and I went for soup (the sweetness of breakfast meant it had to be savoury for the two of us).  There’s not much you can really say about soup from a can but mum’s scone was quite nice, served with both cream and jam.

I will say this though – having visited Rich’s a number of times in my life, what you really want is their ice cream. They do a number of flavours and sundaes, and it’s what they really do best.

Mowgli – Liverpool

We headed to Mowgli around 7 o’clock on Monday night, not expecting it to be too busy. Boy were we wrong – the little restaurant was packed and names were being taken at the door for a waiting list. We were told it would be about 10 minutes for a table, although it ended up being nearer 20 by the time we were shown to our seats. In that time countless others arrived to be put on the waiting list, with a large group of six having their phone number taken so the restaurant could let them know if (not when) a table opened up. Given the popularity of Mowgli, I was already feeling pretty optimistic about the food – and I certainly wasn’t disappointed.

Mowgli serves street food, recommending 2-3 dishes per person. A couple of dishes were easy picks for us – the Yoghurt Chat Bombs (out of interest) and the Mowgli Sticky Wings (having seen them at another table). The Yoghurt Chat Bombs arrived first, with the warning that they should be eaten whole to avoid mess. Of course, yours truly didn’t obey this instruction and ended up with yoghurt all down my chin, but oh what delicious yoghurt! The crisp bread puffs were light and airy, filled with chickpeas, tamarind, coriander, mint and the most gorgeously flavoured spiced yoghurt. So many flavours were encased within the delicate little puffs, and I could have easily eaten the whole portion myself. The only niggle was the portion size – five chat bombs arrived in a little tiffin box and we all queried the number, given that it doesn’t suit tables of two, three or four.

The chicken wings were another winner – super sticky, gorgeously crispy wings coated in spiced molasses, rum, cumin, garam masala, popped mustard seeds and sesame. The wings were savoury but sweet with a slight aniseed flavour, and I found them particularly moreish. Our second choice form the Street Meats section of the menu was Maa’s Lamb Chops and Turmeric Chips – two meaty lamb chops marinated in spiced yoghurt, ginger and garlic served with cubes of soft, fluffy potato. The lamb itself was perfectly cooked and not over-spiced, allowing the delicious flavour of the lamb to come to the fore. The turmeric chips on which they sat were perfect for soaking up the numerous flavourings, and the dish as a whole was pretty much perfect.

We also ordered two curries – the Agra Ginger Chicken and the Mowgli House Keema. The chicken did have a good ginger flavour, while the keema had a spicy kick to it. Both curries were nice, but couldn’t compete with the chat bombs, lamb or chicken which we all loved.

Mowgli 25.07.16
Agra Ginger Chicken, Mowgli House Keema and Mowgli Basmati Rice

To bulk out our meal a little we also ordered soft, light Puri and fluffy Mowgli Basmati Rice which both helped to add some carbs to the meal.

Dad and I also branched out in the drinks department, me with a Mango Lassi and dad with a Pineapple, Chilli and Lime Lassi. The chilli in dad’s drink certainly packed a punch, whilst my Mango Lassi was thick and cooling, making a nice antidote to the spicy keema curry.

Mowgli seriously impressed with their delicious food, and the bill wasn’t too frightening either. I can definitely see why the compact restaurant was so busy, even on a Monday night – if I lived in Liverpool it would definitely be a regular haunt of mine!

Moose Coffee – Website

Moose Coffee – Facebook

Rich’s – Facebook

Mowgli – Website

Mowgli – Facebook








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