Garvie and Co. – Milngavie

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Garvie and Co., having eaten both lunch and dinner there on numerous occasions. It’s taken until now, however, for me to visit mid-morning to take advantage of their extensive bakery selection. With mum about to start back at work we decided it was the perfect time for a cake-focused visit.

And boy, was there cake. The counter that houses their bakery goods seemed to stretch on endlessly, providing me with ever more choice as I took in the goodies on offer. You’d think the decision would be made easier given that mum and I were going half and half, but everything looked so good it was struggle to pick just two. In the end however, I was suckered in by two of my favourite things – chocolate orange, and maltesers. The slice of Chocolate Orange Cake was massive, with layer upon layer of sponge and yummy buttercream. The sponge itself was a little on the dry side – possibly as a result of being baked the day before – but the delicately flavoured buttercream more than made up for it. The orange flavour was subtle, meaning it complimented rather than overpowered the chocolate, and the icing itself was creamy and light.

Garvie and Co. 10.0.16 (2)
Chocolate Orange Cake
Garvie and Co. 10.0.16
Malteser Slice

The Malteser Slice was also a rather gargantuan being – both milk and white chocolate encased biscuits, marshmallows and, of course, maltesers making for an incredibly rich slice. Again, this cake was probably slightly past fresh, and this brings me to my only niggle. The vastness of Garvie’s bakery counter means that, undoubtedly, they cannot sell everything they bake on the same day as it is made. This means that some cakes may sit for a day or two, losing the freshness that would heighten them just that little bit.

That being said, our choices certainly weren’t bad and we haven’t been put off visiting one of our favourite local restaurants.

Garvie and Co. – Website

Garvie and Co. – Facebook


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