Taste Buchanan – Glasgow


It’ll probably come as no surprise that I was eager to visit Taste Buchanan, so Rosie, Olivia and I headed there on Friday for lunch. The exciting new venture allows a variety of different street food vendors and small businesses to operate for a temporary period within permanent surroundings. Currently, the concessions are playing host to Nomad Pizza, Surfdogs, Buffalo Farm, Union Waffles, Designer Cakes by Paige, Equi’s Ice Cream and our go-to vendor, Chompsky. Olivia and I have been fans of Chompsky for a while, so it went without saying that we headed straight for their, rightly busy, queue.

With four bao buns and two sides on offer, it wasn’t easy to choose what to have. Knowing that it would all be great, I eventually settled on the Tempura Prawn Bao with Olivia and Rosie choosing the Korean Fried Chicken Bao and the Hoisin Peanut Pulled Pork Bao respectively. The food is made fresh to order so you do have to wait a few minutes – trust me, it’s totally worth it!

The steamed bao buns were soft and pillowey – light yet substantial enough to hold the reasonably portioned fillings. The prawns in my bao were chunky, meaty morsels coated in the lightest tempura batter I’ve ever had. Alongside the prawns were huge chunks of picked cucumber, and a sriracha mayonnaise just on the right side of spicy.

Taste Buchanan 26.08.16 (3)
Tempura Prawn Bao

Olivia’s Korean Fried Chicken Bao looked fabulous – with the fluffy bun encasing a gloriously crispy chunk of meat. Rosie’s looked equally good, with a huge pile of tender pulled pork spilling out of the bun. The Asian ‘Slaw which accompanied each bun was a mix of fresh, crunchy vegetables including carrots and mangetout – not usually my thing, but something that definitely complimented the rest of the dish.

Taste Buchanan 26.08.16 (2)
Korean Fried Chicken Bao

We also ordered two portions of Chilli Salt Crispy Squid and a portion of Sweet Potato Fries to share between us. The fries were as good as any I’ve had – if not better – with crunchy outsides but soft, fluffy sweetness inside. However, it was the squid that really took pride of place as it was some of the best I’ve ever had. Perfectly cooked, the squid itself was neither chewy or dry and the coating was a perfectly seasoned batter that encased the delicious squid.

Taste Buchanan 26.08.16
Hoisin Peanut Pulled Pork Bao and Chilli Salt Crispy Squid

As expected, everything from Chompsky’s was very tasty, and I’m sure they are going to become very popular whilst at Taste Buchanan. I wish all the vendors taking part in the venture the best of luck, and I hope to be back to try some more yummy street food very soon!

Chompsky – Website

Chompsky – Facebook

Chompsky – Twitter


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