La Vita Spuntini – Glasgow

Sometimes things don’t quite go according to plan, and when a flat tyre stopped us from reaching the Loch Lomond Food and Drink Festival we were all pretty disappointed. Mum and I, however, attempted to make the best of it and headed to the West End for a bite to eat before I started work. Not wanting to go anywhere too expensive, we settled on La Vita Spuntini and their Day Time Tasting Menu which offers some reasonably priced lunchtime deals.

The menu offers a choice of 10 pizzas and 10 pasta dishes, all for £5.95 at the weekend. This seems like a pretty good deal, even when you consider that around half the dishes have a supplement attached. Both mum and I chose dishes with this supplement, in fact, with mum ordering the Pizza Cozze and I choosing the Pizza Salsiccia. Mum joked that her pizza – a tomato and mozzarella pizza topped with mussels – would probably have about two mussels on it, but we were both pleasantly surprised to find that this was nowhere near true. The mussels were still in their shells, and though some hadn’t opened and had to be discarded there were still plenty left. My pizza was topped with spicy Italian sausage, the chunks of which were nice and meaty with a good flavour and not too much spice. The pizza bases were relatively thin with crispy crusts – nice enough, although we both like our crusts a little soft and chewy.

Pizza Cozze
Pizza Salsiccia

The pizzas at La Vita Spuntini may not have been my favourite ever, but they certainly weren’t bad and I definitely felt like we were getting value for money. La Vita Spuntini also have a tapas-style menu which looked nice, so maybe I’ll have to visit again sometime to take advantage of that!

La Vita Spuntini – Website

La Vita Spuntini – Facebook




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