Mother India’s Café- Glasgow

I’ve been itching to go to Mother India’s Café for a while – I’ve only ever heard good things and my lovely friend over at the Student Food Bible adores the place! We decided we would head there to celebrate my mum’s birthday, so with great anticipation we headed out to (the very chic) Finnieston area of Glasgow.

You can’t book at Mother India’s Café, so we did have to wait a bit for a table, but given what we’d heard of the food nobody was too fussed. When we were seated, we were asked if we’d like some Popadoms and Spiced Onions (which we did) before setting about the not-so-easy task of deciding what to order. The restaurant operates on a tapas style of eating, recommending 3 or 4 dishes between 2 people to begin with. Based on this, we decided to order 6 dishes from the main menu, plus a couple from the rice and bread section. My first choice was the Chilli Chicken Dosa (on recommendation from Olivia) –  and I can see why she likes it! Although the chicken was a little on the spicy side for mum and me, I did really like the combination of textures provided by the crispy pancake and the tender chicken. Another dish where chilli made a considerable appearance was the  Chilli King Prawns. Beautifully chunky, meaty prawns were marinated in a variety of spices, with the kick from the chilli not overpowering the pure flavour of the prawns themselves – delicious!

Mother India's Cafe 27.10.16 (3).jpg
Methi Keema Mutter and Chicken Tikka (Top), Chilli Chicken Dosa (Bottom Right), and Chilli King Prawns (Bottom Left)

Fish was definitely a winner at Mother India’s Café, as my other favourite dish on the table was probably the Fish Pakora. The batter was light and crispy, giving way to soft, flaky fish that was very delicately flavoured. A perfect combination when eaten with the traditional pakora sauce. We also ordered two more traditional curries from the menu- the Lamb Saag and the Methi Keema Mutter. Neither were like others we’ve had, but both were very nice. Mum commented that the Lamb Saag was definitely different to those she’s had in the past –  I took this to be a good thing as I favoured it over other Saag’s I’ve tried. The lamb was certainly well cooked and tender, with a reasonable number of chunks adorning the bowl. The Keema was less spicy than some I’ve ordered (definitely not a bad thing!) and was nice eaten with the fluffy Basmati Rice.

Our final dish was the Chicken Tikka – a little dry when eaten alone but good when dipped in the raita-style accompaniment. Our accompanying Garlic Nan was nice – but the second one was even better. Both light and fluffy, the second was swimming in a pool of delicious garlic butter (the more garlic the better, I say) and I was very glad we decided to order another.

Thankfully, the food at Mother India’s Café did manage to live up to expectations and we had a very pleasant night, topped off with a very reasonable bill. It would be very easy to return and have completely different dishes off the menu – but there’s no way I could go past those prawns if I were to return.

Mother India – Website

Mother India’s Cafe – Facebook






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