Mora Bar and Kitchen – Glasgow

Birthdays are always best when they last for a few days, I’m sure you’ll agree, and so I chose Mora to celebrate my 21st with some friends. A relatively new addition to the Finnieston restaurant scene, not everyone knew where Mora was located and so the seven of us arrived in dribs and drabs. The first few of us there ordered the Mixed Olives and the Fresh Baked Bread with Olive Oil and Balsamic to nibble on while we waited. The olives were a mixture of stone-in and de-stoned and the bread was nice enough – although we could probably have done with more oil and vinegar.

Once everyone had arrived we, eventually, ordered some drinks and set about looking at the menu (yep, we were one of those tables who were too busy chatting to look at the menu). I made my choice pretty quickly – Lobster Ravioli just sounded too good to pass up. All the pasta dishes come in two sizes, so I went for the larger option as we weren’t having starters. At the other end of the table Olivia ordered the smaller portion of the Lobster Ravioli with a side of the Hand Cut Maris Piper Fries. The pasta was very nice with a good amount of filling and a creamy tomato sauce. The slivers of chilli added a nice heat without being overpowering and I especially liked the chunks of crayfish which were dotted around the plate. My only complaint was that the dish could have been a little hotter, a more common issue when you’re dealing with larger parties like ours.

Mora Bar and Kitchen 20.12.16.jpg
Lobster Ravioli

Olivia’s fries were the same ones that came with Louise’s Fish and Chips, and I have to say that they did look like freshly cut fries to me. Louise seemed to enjoy her dish, although Olivia commented that the fries were nothing too special. Across from me, Kathryn ordered the Pappardelle with Slow Braised Beef and Veal Shin Ragu. This was another nice looking dish which Kathryn enjoyed.

Pappardelle with Slow Braised Beef and Veal Shin Ragu

Heather, Rosie and Antonia all ordered from the Piccoli Piatti (small plates) section of the menu. Their choices included the Slow Braised Pork Cheeks, Baby Potato and Lemon and Parmesan Crostino, the Tempura King Prawns with Garlic Aioli, and the Ribollita of Spiced Butternut Squash and Chickpeas, Cavolo Nero, Baked Hens Egg and Focaccia Soldiers. All of these dishes seemed to go down well, including the latter which was, basically, a posh egg and soldiers.

Ribollita of Spiced Butternut Squash and Chickpeas, Cavolo Nero, Baked Hens Egg and Focaccia Soldiers

Overall, the food at Mora went down pretty well and I certainly didn’t have many issues. The staff were also very patient – perhaps not easy given our cries of “Sorry, we still haven’t looked at the menu” – so kudos to them as well. I could see myself going back to Mora without complaint, although given the number of choices in Finnieston alone I probably won’t be revisiting them for a while.

Mora – Website

Mora -Facebook




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