GFG Food Awards 2016 – Best Breakfast

The Nominees;

    Moose Coffee, Liverpool:

We visited two branches of Moose Coffee whilst on holiday in Liverpool, but it was the first visit which propelled them into the nominees list for this category. The Manolito was one of the most indulgent breakfasts I’ve had – as well as being one of the tastiest. Two huge flour tortillas topped with all your typical Mexican accompaniments and a couple of fried eggs. A great balance of textures and flavours made this a breakfast to remember.

Moose Coffee 23.07.16

 Moose Coffee Review

    Furrow, Liverpool:

The second nominee in this category also hails from Liverpool. Furrow – the little sister of Baltic Bakehouse – may not have been in the centre of Liverpool but the journey sure was worth it. Migas wasn’t a dish I’d heard of before but it caught my eye straight away. Some of Baltic Bakehouse’s freshly baked bread was chopped and fried till crispy, then combined with chunks of sausage, bacon, black pudding and tomato. The crowning glory of the dish was the perfectly fried egg – when the yolk was pierced it oozed through the rest of the dish providing a creamy contrast to the crispy bread.

Furrow 26.07.16

Furrow Review

The Winner;

    Moose Coffee, Liverpool:

This was one of the more difficult winners to choose – despite there only being two nominees! However, Moose Coffee served up one of the most memorable breakfasts I’ve ever had and, in the end, had to be declared the deserving winners of the first ever GFG Food Award.



Moose Coffee – Website

Moose Coffee – Facebook

Furrow – Website

Furrow – Facebook



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