GFG Food Awards 2016 – Best Baking

The Nominees;

    Bullands, Milngavie:

We go all the way back to February to find our first nominee – coffee shop Bullands in Milngavie. I visited Bullands to sample one of their enormous fruit scones, and was well impressed with the crumbly goodness that I was served. The scone was beautifully rustic – crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside – in all honesty, the best scone I’ve ever eaten.

Bullands 18.02.16
Fruit Scone

Bullands Review

    Cottonrake Bakery, Glasgow:

Cottonrake provided Rosie and I with two sublime little tarts when we visited back in May. The pastry was light and crisp, filled with smooth, rich chocolate ganache – a pretty perfect bake!

Cottonrake 19.05.16 (2)
Dark Chocolate Tart

Cottonrake Bakery Review

    Furrow/Baltic Bakehouse, Liverpool:

These two eateries have been submitted as one nominee as the goods are baked at Baltic Bakehouse and can be eaten or bought at both establishments. Although we tried a couple of bakes here, it is the standard sourdough bread – Baltic Wild – which earns the company a place on this list. As a huge bread fanatic, it’s a pretty big deal for me to say that this was some of the best bread I’ve ever eaten and that’s why it is a nominee for this award.

Baltic Bakehouse 27.07.16
Baltic Wild in Action

Baltic Bakehouse Review

The Winner;

    Furrow/Baltic Bakehouse, Liverpool:

This was another difficult decision and, to be honest, Cottonrake was extremely close to being in the top spot. However, I couldn’t forget how good the Baltic Wild was and, sometimes, simple is best.



Bullands – Facebook

Cottonrake Bakery – Website

Cottonrake Bakery – Facebook

Baltic Bakehouse – Website

Baltic Bakehouse – Facebook



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