GFG Food Awards 2016 – Best Dessert

The Nominees;

    West on the Corner, Glasgow –
Bitter Chocolate Tart:

West on the Corner served up a dessert with a great balance of flavours and textures, with smooth bitter chocolate contrasting with the cold salted caramel ice cream and crunchy chocolate crumble. However, the dish could have entered this list based upon the merit of one tiny element – the burnt meringues. Crunchy on the outside, they wielded to a gorgeously chewy inside which wasn’t too sweet. I don’t know how you make meringues this good, but I want the recipe!

West on the Corner 13.04.16 (5)
Bitter Chocolate Tart

West on the Corner Review


    Crema Caravan, Glasgow –
Rhubarb and Custard Crème Brûlée:

Strong contenders in the Best Street Food category, the crème brûlée from the Crema Caravan was, put simply, the best I’ve ever had. Silky smooth with an outstanding vanilla flavour, the topping of tart rhubarb compote and crispy palmier was inspired.

StrEat Market 13.05.16 (5)
Rhubarb and Custard Crème Brûlée

Crema Caravan Review


    The Larder, Bearsden –
Chocolate Delice, Popcorn, Milk:

Given the lack of information on the menu at The Larder, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect from any of the dishes, including this dessert. The chocolate delice itself was thick and rich – very indulgent! The popcorn on top was coated in delicious, sweet caramel – not the type you buy from the shops though! The revelation of this dish was the scoop of milk flavoured ice-cream/sorbet. I was amazed at the depth of flavour in the little scoop – it was pure sweet, milk and it was utterly delicious.

The Larder 03.08.16 (6)
Chocolate Delice, Popcorn, Milk

The Larder Review


    The Gannet, Glasgow –
Milk Chocolate Feuilletine, Chocolate Orange Wafer, Orange and  Whisky Ice Cream:

This was another decadent dish, comprising silky, rich chocolate and crunchy feuilletine pieces. It was, again, the ice cream which truly impressed – a huge hit of orange was the overwhelming flavour, with just a subtle hint of alcohol coming through at the end. The ice cream was a perfect partner for the rich chocolate, with the strong citrus cutting through the indulgence.

Milk Chocolate Feuilletine, Chocolate Orange Wafer, Orange and Whisky Ice Cream

The Gannet Review


The Winner;

    The Larder, Bearsden –
Chocolate Delice, Popcorn, Milk:

This was another really tough category to choose a winner from, but The Larder ultimately swayed me with that milk concoction. Everything we ate a The Larder had clearly been thought about in great detail,  and this dessert was no exception.



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