GFG Food Awards 2016 – Best Asian Cuisine

The Nominees;

    Mowgli, Liverpool:

Having already won the Best Small Plates category, it’s perhaps unsurprising that Mowgli are also nominated in this category. I loved Mowgli, especially those dishes which demonstrated a big twist on the traditional. I could rave about those Yoghurt Chat Bombs till the cows come home, but I won’t go on (too much!).

Mowgli 25.07.16
Curries from Mowgli

Mowgli Review


    Mother India’s Cafe, Glasgow:

Another small plates restaurant, you might make the mistake of thinking that Mother India’s Cafe was in any way similar to Mowgli. Instead, Mother India serves up way far more traditional dishes in reduced sizes, perfect for sharing. The Chilli King Prawns and Fish Pakora were the winners of the night – the prawns were big meaty ones swimming in a great combination of spices, while the pakora was delicately spiced and brilliantly cooked. I’m salivating just thinking about them!

Selection of Dishes from Mother India’s Cafe

Mother India’s Cafe Review


The Winner;

    Mowgli, Liverpool:

Another close one, but Mowgli takes it to win a second award. They have a lot to thank those Yoghurt Chat Bombs for!



Mowgli – Website

Mowgli – Facebook

Mother India’s Cafe – Website

Mother India’s Cafe – Facebook



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