GFG Food Awards 2016 – Best European Cuisine

The Nominees;

    Paesano Pizza, Glasgow:

I love Paesano Pizza. Chewy pizza bases with delicious toppings – Paesano do one thing and do it well. After my first visit I knew I was going to be forever a little obsessed (three visits in six months – I think I was right)! I’ve eaten from the specials menu on every occasion, but I can honestly say that everything Paesano offers sounds so good and I’ve never had a complaint about their fabulous food.

Paesano Pizza 25.03.16
Pizzas from Paesano Pizza

Paesano Pizza Review

    West on the Corner, Glasgow:

I was super excited to try the German Sausage Selection at West, and I wasn’t in any way disappointed. Despite a few apparent discrepancies between the menu and what we actually got, mum and I thoroughly enjoyed the combination of sausages, crispy fries and other accompaniments. Follow this great main course with my fabulous dessert of Bitter Chocolate Tart and you have one very happy Glasgow Food Girl.

West on the Corner 13.04.16 (2)
German Sausage Platter

West on the Corner Review

    Salt House Tapas, Liverpool:

We all loved the tapas with a twist at Salt House – from the simplest dish to the most complex, all were delicious. The Ham Croquettes and Meatballs were the best I’ve ever tasted, and trying something new in the Salt Cod Croquettes was definitely a success. It’s just a shame Salt House is so far from home, or else I would have been back by now!

Salt House Tapas 23.07.16 (2)
Salt Cod Croquettes

Salt House Tapas Review

    The Larder, Bearsden:

The Larder served up a lot of “fusion” style dishes, but they are still deserving of their place in this category. A lot of care had been taken over the dishes at The Larder, and one of my main observations was that the chef definitely knew what he doing with flavours and textures. While some of our choices may not have been to our personal tastes, I have to give kudos to the kitchen for well balanced platefuls which they were serving. And that Carrot Veloute? Give me it in a bowl with a spoon any day.

The Larder 03.08.16 (3)
Carrot Veloute, Labnah, Dukkah

The Larder Review

    The Gannet, Glasgow:

I’ve never had food like the stuff I ate at The Gannet and, sadly, I don’t except to find anything that good anytime soon. My starter of Stornoway Black Pudding Scotch Duck Egg combined subtle black pudding, a perfectly cooked egg, crispy outer and a stunning sauce (some sort of remoulade, I guessed) – delicious and moreish. My lamb main course was stunning – the lamb was cooked to perfection and accompanied by simple ingredients used in outstanding ways. The butternut squash puree was especially memorable, a smooth delight whose sweetness complimented the strong flavour of the lamb.

Stornoway Black Pudding Scotch Duck Egg

The Gannet Review

The Winner;

    The Gannet, Glasgow:

With some of the most outstanding food I’ve ever eaten in my life, I really couldn’t choose anyone but The Gannet as the winners of Best European Cuisine.


Paesano Pizza – Website

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West on the Corner – Website

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Salt House Tapas – Website

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The Larder – Website

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The Gannet – Website

The Gannet – Facebook



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