Three Sisters Bake – Killearn

I know, I know – it’s been over a month since I posted on here (trust me, I’d rather have been eating than writing the dissertation but you know, priorities). Thankfully, after a long month of no eating out, I’m back with a review of Three Sisters Bake. I’ve heard a lot about Three Sisters Bake over the past few years, with the ladies having a reasonable social media presence and even popping up on Scottish TV every now and then. A visit, therefore, was long overdue so we headed to their Killearn cafe for lunch.

Situated within Killearn Village Hall, the cafe was bright and spacious with a nice view across the countryside. The cake selection was very tempting, but we sat down to peruse the menu for lunch first. There are a handful of sandwiches, platters and salads, a few specials and a selection of larger plates available. It was this latter section of the menu that drew us in on the cold, blustery day we visited – something hot was definitely preferable! I couldn’t go past the Hog Roast – focaccia filled with slow roasted Robertson’s of Ardrossan pork shoulder with apple and shallot gravy and apple and cider chutney. The pulled pork was tender and the portion was very reasonable. The apple from the gravy and chutney definitely came through, adding a complimentary sweetness to the meaty pork and soft bread. The accompanying root vegetable crisps provided a nice salty crunch which worked well with the otherwise soft dish.

The Hog Roast

Mum and dad both went for the Mac and Cheese. The sauce was superbly creamy with a strong cheddar taste, the wholegrain mustard providing a very subtle hit. The pasta was cooked well and the dish looked very appealing given it was hot and bubbling upon arrival. The dish was served with white toast which, while nice, could have been substituted for a nice piece of crusty bread to provide some contrast. However, given that this was the only quibble, it’s safe to say that the dish went down well.

Mac and Cheese

Of course we couldn’t leave without sampling something from the cake selection. Dad had a lovely, rustic looking Fruit Scone, lightly warmed and served with a choice of butter, jam and cream. Despite saying it should have been heated a little longer to ensure the middle was warm, he polished it all off so it couldn’t have been too bad! Mum branched out to try the Chocolate Guinness Cake (pretty brave from someone who doesn’t like Guinness!). Despite a rather strong Guinness smell, the rich cake didn’t taste strongly of alcohol. A nice subtle chocolatey taste that was, perhaps, tempered by the Guinness made for a rather nice cake. I was drawn in by the huge pieces of Rocky Road, filled with chunks of digestive and hefty pieces of marshmallow. Rich, without being cloying, it was very tasty indeed – and so big that I couldn’t finish it! I know it’s shocking, but the portion sizes beat me and I had to admit defeat.

(Clockwise from Top) Chocolate Guinness Cake, Rocky Road and Fruit Scone

I’d definitely return to Three Sisters Bake, with both their sweet and savoury wares being equally tasty. A tip though? Go with a big appetite so you can sample plenty of their tasty wares!

Three Sisters Bake – Website

Three Sisters Bake – Facebook


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