Singl-end Cafe and Bakehouse – Glasgow

Last week, something very unusual happened in Glasgow – the sun appeared! Rosie, Kathryn and I decided to take advantage of it, seating ourselves at a nice little table in the shade of the Singl-end Cafe and Bakehouse. Despite becoming one of the most popular eateries in Glasgow (Singl-end is currently number 6 in the TripAdvisor ratings) I had never managed a visit, so I was excited to see what all the hype was about.

Despite a host of daily specials and some tasty sounding open sandwiches, I was drawn to the “Eggs” section of the menu. Being a carnivore at heart, it probably won’t surprise anyone to hear that I ordered the Meaty Baked Eggs – two eggs baked in a casserole of sausage, cannellini beans, tomato and chilli, with my choice of sourdough toast on the side. The sourdough was nicely toasted – very crispy round the edges but not over-done in the middle – and was a good accompaniment to the tomato base. The pork sausage didn’t have a particularly strong fennel taste, but it was nice and meaty and broke through the floury texture of the beans. Sadly, only one of my yolks was runny with the other having being cooked ever so slightly too long. It was, however, still a pretty tasty dish.

Singl-End 25.05.17
Meaty Baked Eggs

Kathryn had gone for the Singl-end Eggs Benedict, which takes the traditional dish and adds sweet potato, spinach and onion underneath the eggs, and avocado, cashew and tarragon to the hollandaise sauce. Not my kind of dish, but Kathryn certainly enjoyed it. Rosie had plumped for the Savoury Cheesecake from the specials menu, and the quiche-like slice accompanied by the salad of the day also looked good.

Singl-End 25.05.17 (3)
Singl-end Eggs Benedict

One of the most popular aspects of Singl-end is their heaving cake table. Laden with all sorts of delicious looking bakes, it was not an easy decision to make. Kathryn and I eventually decided to share a slice of Red Velvet Cake and a Raspberry Cheesecake Brownie. The red velvet sponge was beautifully light with a sweet, thick cream cheese frosting. The brownie comprised a slab of dense, rich chocolate brownie topped with raspberry cheesecake. This was not a light cake, but it was certainly tasty! The creamy cheesecake was offset by the whole raspberries suspended within it, and the rich chocolate was cut through by the smoothness of the cheesecake mixture.

Singl-End 25.05.17 (4)
Raspberry Cheesecake Brownie

I can definitely see why people return to Singl-end, although I’m not convinced that the hype is 100% warranted. The food was nice, especially the cakes, and the toilets and seating areas were clean and tidy. I’m not a massive fan of the cake table being open to the elements, especially near the door where people will be walking past, but I have very few complaints about my overall experience. Would I return to Singl-end? Probably, although you’re not likely to find me joining the hoards who wait a while for their tables at busy times.

Singl-end Cafe and Bakehouse – Facebook


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