‘Babs – Glasgow

Glasgow’s newest kebab restaurant, ‘Babs, is brought to us by the team behind Bread Meats Bread. I have, in the past, caused some controversy with my admission that I’m not a fan of the popular burger restaurant. I am, however, always willing to give new places a try and so ‘Babs seemed like the logical choice for lunch during a shopping trip in town.

The menu at ‘Babs is pretty large, with around 15 kebab options plus some salads and a couple of burgers. There are also some sides and nibbles, from which we chose the Hummus and Pita to start. The portion of hummus was a really good size, although there wasn’t quite enough bread to mop it all up (don’t worry, we ate it with a fork – hummus doesn’t go to waste in our family). The pita was a little thicker than maybe we would have liked – it actually seemed more like they’d cut up one of the flatbreads they use for their kebabs. The hummus itself was thick, herby and fragrant – it definitely wasn’t shop bought hummus!

'Babs 05.07.17
Hummus and Pita

For her main, mum had chosen the Chicken Souvlaki while I picked the Pork Chop Souvlaki. Both flatbreads were topped with tzatziki, grilled tomatoes, red onion puree and pickled onions. Mum’s choice added grilled chicken and courgette, while my kebab included cubes of pork and a fennel puree. Both lots of meat were well cooked and tender, but what really made the dishes stand out were the accompaniments. The pickled onions were especially good – the pink slices of sweet, slightly vinegary onions were just tart enough. The onion puree was also very tasty (I guess the team at ‘Babs know their way around an onion) and while it didn’t have a particularly strong onion flavour, it gave a subtle sweetness to the dish. Likewise, my fennel puree provided no hint of fennel, although the puree was silky and smooth. The tzatziki was fresh and creamy, providing a good contrast to the tart onions and sweet tomatoes.

'Babs 05.07.17 (3)
Pork Chop Souvlaki

We also ordered a side of Skinny Greek Fries – fries dusted with paprika and topped with tzatziki and feta. Skinny was an understatement – these were matchstick fries at their thinnest. The paprika gave just enough smoky flavour, whilst the fragrant tzatziki and tart feta melded to create a thick, flavoursome topping for the fries.  Our only issue with the dish was that it was a bit on the cold side. While I would have said that the kebabs could have been hotter, most of the ingredients there were cold so it didn’t matter too much.  The fries, however, should have been roasting hot before being topped with the cold ingredients, which it didn’t feel like they were. They were still very tasty, so I hope this is just a teething issue which will be ironed out soon.

'Babs 05.07.17 (2)
Chicken Souvlaki, Pork Chop Souvlaki and Skinny Greek Fries

The quantity of food that we had was just enough for a nice lunch – we were no longer hungry but hadn’t stuffed ourselves full. Other than being a little cooler than we’d have liked, the food at ‘Babs was good and I definitely preferred it to Bread Meats Bread. In fact, our only other issue was the ill-fitting toilet door. Of the two cubicles in the ladies bathroom, one of the doors was so badly fitted that you could see into the toilet on either side of the door – not a particularly pleasant thought when you’re sitting on the loo!

So, get a new toilet door and make sure the food is hot when served and there wouldn’t be much to complain about at ‘Babs. I’m certainly more likely to return here than to Bread Meats Bread, so they’ve won me over in that respect.

‘Babs – Website

‘Babs – Facebook


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