Big Feed – Glasgow

After taking so long to make my first trip to the Big Feed, I vowed not to wait very long before visiting again. With a line-up including my all-time favourites Chompsky, plus some vendors I hadn't had the pleasure of trying before, mum and I decided to head along a few weeks ago.


We decided to start at Bruadair, enticed by their Black Pudding and Smoked Potato Pakora with Coriander Mayo and Spicy Dressing. The pakoras were heavier than those you might be used to, with the potato definitely forming the bulk of the mixture. There was no strong smoky flavour, and the black pudding was very subtle but the flavours that were present did mingle to create a nice dish. A special shout out should really go to the coriander mayo, which was fresh and tasty, both on its own and alongside the crispy pakoras.

Big Feed 09.07.17

The Buffalo Truck 

I've wanted to try The Buffalo Truck for ages, but every attempt I've made has been usurped. Finally, however, I was able to try one of their fantastic looking chicken burgers – and it was well worth the wait!

Big Feed 09.07.17 (2)

We went for the Classic Burger – Buttermilk Fried Chicken, Black Garlic Mayo and House Pickles. The huge chunk of chicken was so superbly crunchy – the buttermilk coating was just divine. The bun in which the chicken sat was nice, if a bit surplus to requirements as it couldn't contain the hunk of chicken and fell apart when touched. The pickles were sweet and tart without being overpowering, while the mayo didn't have a particularly strong garlic flavour but provided a nice savoury hit. The chicken from The Buffalo Truck was, I would argue, addictive and I'm definitely going to be keeping my eye on their Facebook page so I know when and where I can catch them again!

Ginger and Chilli

Ginger and Chilli were offering some very tempting sounding dishes, but I was most intrigued by their Keralan Cullen Skink. Billed as their own take on the traditional Scottish dish, the soup included curry leaves, mustard seeds, turmeric and tamarind. The thin broth, which we chose to top with a spiced yoghurt sauce and spring onions, was filled with chunks of potato and pieces of Arbroath Smokies. The broth itself was almost reminiscent of a Thai Green Curry, and was lovely with the soft potato. However, neither mum nor myself were 100% convinced by the combination of the smoky fish and fragrant broth. So, while the soup base was very tasty we probably wouldn't be ordering this particular dish again. However, I would be willing to try some of the other dishes from Ginger and Chilli, as I suspect they know their way around a curry.

Big Feed 09.07.17 (4)


Well, you didn't really think I was going to skip a visit to Chompsky, did you? For one weekend only, Chompsky were serving up a menu featuring variations of Mac and Cheese. While some of the toppings sounded good, a couple of them sounded like they might be a little spicy for mum and I. We therefore decided just to order the Simple Mac and Cheese, and enjoyed a delicious, unadulterated version of the dish.

Big Feed 09.07.17 (5)

The cheese sauce was smooth and creamy, with the addition of mustard in the sauce providing a nice bite. The pasta melted in the mouth without being overcooked and the portion was very generous for the price. Unsurprisingly, Chompsky impressed us once again.

The Crema Caravan

I've been raving about The Crema Caravan for about a year, but mum had never had the opportunity to sample their wares. We both opted for their Strawberry Meringue Crème Brûlée, and it was as good as usual. The sweet strawberries had been marinating in something very tasty, and the crunchy meringues provided a lovely contrast to the soft fruit and creamy custard. Delicious!

Big Feed 09.07.17 (6)

I love the Big Feed – it's such a great way of getting people involved in the street food scene, and it's particularly nice to be able to do so without having to worry about the weather. It's also great to be able to have a seat while you eat! You won't be surprised to hear that I'll definitely be back to the Big Feed at some point in the near future.

Big Feed – Facebook

Bruadair – Facebook

The Buffalo Truck – Facebook

Ginger and Chilli – Facebook

Chompsky – Facebook

The Crema Caravan – Facebook


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