Loop and Scoop (Launch) – Glasgow

Spanish churros and Italian ice cream – the combination behind new West End dessert joint Loop and Scoop. The Great Western Road eatery opened a few weeks ago, becoming a bit of a social media sensation in the process. Their giant looped churros have filled my Instagram feed, causing a great deal of mouth-watering on my part. So, when the invite to their VIP launch dropped into by inbox I was very happy indeed.

Rosie and I were among the first to arrive on the cold, wet Wednesday night of the launch. We were given some drinks and told that we’d get a taster of a few different types of churro, plus be allowed to order whatever ice cream we liked. Indeed, the platter of churros that arrived at our table showcased just about every option available on the menu. A pile of sugared churros served with pots of both white and milk chocolate (filled from the taps of flowing chocolate), churros filled with peanut butter, Nutella and dulce de leche, and two mini churro loops – this was not a plate for the faint hearted. We both started with the plain churros, as I felt this would be the best way to get a good measure of their quality. The outer shell was nice and crispy, and didn’t have that greasiness that has become so synonymous with churros. Both Rosie and I did feel that they could have been slightly more cooked in the middle – they were just ever so slightly too doughy for us. Other than this, there really wasn’t much to complain about.

The two chocolate pots were delicious and moreish – it definitely struck me that Loop and Scoop had used good quality chocolate here. The two looped churros were both coated in the same tasty milk chocolate, with one then dipped in chopped hazelnuts and the other in Oreo pieces. As someone who doesn’t normally go for nuts in sweet things, I preferred the Oreo loop, but the concept was sound in both and I can see why the giant versions are proving popular.

Loop and Scoop 18.10.17
Churro Platter

Now, I like churros and I like peanut butter, but the combination didn’t thrill me. Rosie on the other hand, was in seventh heaven with hers so that’s definitely down to personal preference. Both the Nutella and dulce de leche stuffed churros were very tasty, although by this point we were starting to struggle with the sheer quantity of carbs and sugar. Of course, we still wanted to try some of the amazing sounding ice cream flavours and so we powered through (all for you, dear reader).

Choosing an ice cream flavour wasn’t easy – Coconut Bounty, Belgian Chocolate and Scottish Tablet all beckoned. I decided to go for a fruity ensemble with Mango Sorbet and Poison Apple ice cream, while Rosie went for Coconut Bounty ice cream with her Mango Sorbet. Having already sampled the Vanilla ice cream with our churros, we were unsurprised to find that all the flavours were creamy and smooth. Both of my flavours had a good fruity zing, and the chewy toffee and crispy biscuit pieces gave the Poison Apple a really lovely edge.

Loop and Scoop 18.10.17 (3)
Ice Cream Selection

We also had a quick sample of some of Loop and Scoop’s milkshakes – strawberry for Rosie and Oreo for me. The milkshakes had a good strong  flavour, although I would have liked a thicker base.

Loop and Scoop 18.10.17 (2)
Strawberry and Oreo Milkshakes

Stuffed full of sugar, we decided it was time to call it a night. I had a good time at Loop and Scoop, and it was nice to sample lots of different things from the menu. I reckon I’d be more likely to visit for ice cream in the summer, although I wouldn’t be opposed to another portion of churros with that fab melted chocolate.

My only worry with Loop and Scoop is that the novelty might wear off, and people may not always be prepared to queue up for their freshly made churros. I hope that’s not the case, as the staff were lovely and the food pretty decent, but its definitely something they’ll need to be aware of going forward.

Loop and Scoop – Website

Loop and Scoop – Facebook


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